Eyelash Extensions

We do not stack lashes on top of old extensions because it will cause stress on the natural lash and cause breakage.  We take time to remove the extensions that are crooked, not sitting correctly or have grown out so that you get back to a beautiful set of lashes.

Essence Nail Studio Eyelash Extensions

Be assured that, at Essence Nail Spa, we do not take short cuts because we care about our client’s eyelashes. So, whatever your reasons are for eyelash extensions, give us a call at 949-625-1574.

Eyelashes have a growth cycle like your hair, so they also fall out a couple of days a month. You can fill these gaps in the growth cycle with eyelash extensions. However, these eyelash enhancers need time to reach its full effect. Eyelash enhancers are also the best option for you if you want to add drama to you flirty winks. Of course, the best option is always to treat the eyelashes with a serum that addresses all aspects of eyelash growth cycle.

How do eyelash extensions work?

Eyelash Extensions are made of single strands of silk eyelashes designed to replicate the natural eyelashes.  These eyelash extensions will give you thicker, longer, & natural looking eyelashes.  Eyelash extensions can be used when you feel your eyelashes are falling out due to hormonal changes. Eyelash extensions don’t fall off, flake or run down your face in the pool. This is also an excellent option for you if you want to have the appearance of longer eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are different from false eyelashes. As eyelash extensions are getting more affordable, many women are choosing it to create thicker eyelashes.

Instead of small clumps of eyelashes, eyelash extensions are a procedure which extends your lashes with synthetic and weightless lashes. This synthetic lash will be applied to each of your lashes with a specific bonding agent which last up the duration of the natural growth cycle which is about 2 to 3 months. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, sweat proof, waterproof, and can stand up to your lifestyle.

Why Essence Nail Studio

Essence Nail Studio has years of outstanding experience in eyelash extensions application. All of our semi permanent, mink single strand, strip eyelashes, adhesives, and removers are tested to give your the highest quality products. We also offer many other types and brands of lashes including many of the most popular accessories, glues and removers available in the market today.