Time and again, pedicures are a beauty ritual to keep your feet looking its best. If you want to pamper yourself without breaking the bank, go indulge yourself with pedicures.  It will lift your spirit and rejuvenate your entire body. In addition to the typical grooming of your feet, you can also try other options depending on the kind of treatment you want. For example, if you have tried hot rock therapy in a regular massage and loved it, your feet will surely enjoy it just as much. This will add a relaxing touch to your pedicures, but if you haven’t tried it before see what the fuss is all about.

Our luxurious pedicures services

The pedicures treatments available at Essence Nail Studio will make it easy for you to have shiny and healthy nails. We will carefully tailor your pedicure to complete your look. If your wish to give your nails a healthy, all-natural look, call Essence Nail Studio today to achieve the result you want.

Pedicures can certainly turn your feet to a work of art as well as lift your spirits.    At Essence Nail Studio, we know that well-groomed feet can bring joy to your feet!

Mini-Pedicures – this service is for people who are pressed for a time but still deserve a lovely looking toe nails. Service includes nails and cuticle grooming, shaping, buffing and polishing, massaging of the legs and feet with warm lotion.

Classic Pedicures – Our classic pedicure includes all the mini-pedicure treatment plus the soothing steam towels.

Signature Pedicures – Our signature pedicure has the entire classic pedicure package but with your choice of either organic aloe vera or honey wrap in soothing steam towels, followed with 20 minutes of reflexology.

Essence Pedicures – Essence Pedicure will give you a unique spa experience. This is a fun treatment which uses Jelly to soak your feet to provide the ultimate relief from aching muscles and stress.  This is followed by nails and cuticle grooming, leg and feet massage to enhance the blood circulation.

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