Nail Spa

Nail spa is a nail treatment that exceeds the everyday manicure and pedicure. It is a professional nail job that cleans and removes the dead skin cells to prevent nail diseases, then accompanied by a foot or hand massage to rejuvenate and relax the skin.  Nail spa is done by thoroughly removing old nail polish then soaking the feet in warm water for 15 minutes to restore and replenish your tired foot.

Our commitment to quality and service

Our staff have years of experience and continuing education and has the ability to analyze each nail type and treat them with specialty formulated nail spa treatments. As all nails are not alike as well, our staff has to identify your nail types before the nail spa treatment begins so that they can create a specific regimen based on your nail condition.

These nail types needs require individualized treatments:

•          Dry – this nail type lacks moisture and may have pronounced ridges, white spots, and a powdery finish.

•          Brittle – this nail type can be hard, curved, and inflexible, so they tend to break.

•          Damaged – this nail type is thin, weak that’s why they easily crack, and lack luster.

•          Normal – these nails are pink, smooth, strong, and flexible.

•          Peeling – though this can occur in all nail types, it needs to be addressed first.

•          Weak – this nail type is soft, weak, lifeless and needs a  critical nail spa treatment

•          Break Easily – this nail type is thin, fragile, prone to splitting, and needs an extra support

•          Ridges – this nail type is unsmooth, ripply, and unsightly

Because we believe that every man and woman can achieve healthy nails with proper care and maintenance, we want to serve your nail spa needs and the right service you deserve.

Essence Nail Studio Nail Spa:

Nothing is quite as pampering as having your nails regularly done by a professional. At Essence Nail Studio, we only use the natural products, and we are selective in our use of nail products to give our clients the proper nail spa treatment for their individual nail condition.

Our relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is designed to give you 5 Star treatment! Come and see us soon.