Raw Shea Butter Will Will Beautify Your Skin and Give you a Clear Complexion

Until recently, I have never really thought too much about skin care products, and I definitely wouldn’t have thought I’d become addicted to one. In fact, skin potions and the like have always seemed rather ordinary, and, despite their claims, many of them seemed comparable and I have not been able to differentiate the effects of one from those of the others. But when I used unrefined shea butter for the first time, my skin slurped it up and begged me for seconds!

Oh my, you probably can’t imagine how this buttery, natural substance will feel on your face and hands, and anywhere else you have dry, irritated or troubled skin. It turns out that shea butter harbors the best emollients ever discovered in the world of nature, and has more therapeutic compounds than any other plant ingredient utilized in skin care. It even contains anti-inflammatories that can heal dermatitis and psoriasis, stretch marks, small cuts and burns, and just about any other issue that shows up on your skin.

But even more interesting is that shea butter fades fine lines and wrinkles — in other words, it can take a few of those lamentable years off your face. And it does so with a 100% natural, nourishing substance and without chemicals.

Seeing and feeling is believing. Try it for 30 days and you’ll likely find yourself in love with it too.

I began buying my raw shea butter from Amazon.com as, from my viewpoint, Amazon is the most trusted online store in the country (if not the world), with “best of breed” customer support. And, considering that I’m an Amazon Prime member (giving me free two-day shipping on products Amazon warehouses), I’ve moved the bulk of my purchasing to Amazon (and I’m happy I have).

Before discovering unprocessed shea butter, I think I put too much trust in all those multi-syllable, supposedly anti-aging ingredients in face creams. Shea butter has nothing but pure, natural compounds from the African shea nut — which is exactly what your skin actually needs. If your skin could benefit from a little assistance, I suggest you click the link below to order yours directly from Amazon and try it yourself. I think you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was! This skin care product and the customer care have been excellent.

Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Shea-Nut-Butter-Moisturizing-Therapeutic/dp/B00CE2C2CG/shea butter/

Pay Attention Only if You Want Gorgeous, Problem Free Skin!

Or, How Tamara Handled Three+ Skin Problems with ONE Completely Natural Substance . . .

Tamara has been battling large pores, extremely dry, scaly skin and frequent rashes from age 18. She even has something she terms “genetic stretch marks” — not having ever been pregnant!

She’s tested every pricey, big name skin cream offered, and not a single one has produced results.

One morning she and a friend were at Starbucks talking. Tamara’s neck itched from another episode of her constant rashes. Disconcerted, she told Sarah the story of her life-long skin travails.

“Hang on a sec.” Sarah dug around in her huge purse and took out a jar that had a colorful picture inscribed with, “Shea ScentSations.”

“Try some of this; I bet it’ll help. Raw shea butter is the best natural skin therapy ever discovered, thanks to essential fatty acids, vitamins, phytochemicals, and a long list of other healing substances. It healed Suzie’s dermatitis, and my husband uses it every day for what he calls his ‘worker’s hands.’ Scientific research confirms that it’s an important anti-inflammatory, and various studies also show that using it every day will enhance the skin’s appearance after just four weeks. Personally, I would not start the day without it.”

Tamara looked hopeful. “Thanks, Sarah, I really need help.” Taking it, she said, “Can I put some on now?”

“Sure. Let me explain something before you do: It’s an entirely natural material, so it doesn’t go on like a processed skin cream. Soften some in your palms. When you use it at home, heat it with a hair dryer or in a bowl of hot water to melt it. It’s a solid at room temperature, and until you warm it, it could be grainy. It’s entirely unrefined so as not to destroy the nutrients, and it has an earthy aroma.”

Tamara massaged some palm-warmed shea butter into her neck; then the friends continued chatting and finished their coffee.

Finally, they stood up to leave, and Sarah asked, “How does the rash feel?”

Tamara looked pleasantly surprised. “You know, I forgot I had one!” The itch was gone.

A month after their Starbucks visit, Tamara phoned Sarah. “Thanks to you, my skin is in wonderful shape. I have not had a rash since two days after you turned me on to shea butter, my complexion is clear now, and my stretch marks are also fading. Shea butter is by far the best stuff I’ve ever put on my skin!”

If you ‘d like to deeply hydrate your skin, handle skin problems produced by inflammation or minor cuts and bruises, or enhance your appearance, Click the Buy Button. It’s Risk-Free since Shea ScentSations’ Grade A, Natural Shea Nut Butter is Completely Guaranteed.