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Body Matters offer a comprehensive range of beauty and body treatements in a professional, yet relaxed environment by fully qualified and experience therapists. Body Matters also offer complementary and holistic therapies to help you achieve optimum health and well-being.

Body Matters beauty salon offer a comprehensive range of beauty and body treatments in a professional, yet relaxed environment by fully qualified and experienced therapists.

See our 2012 full price list, with explantions of treatments and timings (pdf)

Pricing examples include:

Facial Treatments from £20 (30mins)

Monu Eye Treatments £25 (45mins)

Micro Current Treatment £35 (1hr)

Microdermabrasion £40 (1hr)

Cleanse & Make – Up £30 (1hr)

Eye Trim/Shape £8.00

Eyelash Tinting £12 (15mins)

Manicure £20 (1hr)

Monu Body Salt Scrub £25 (45mins)

Swedish Therapeutic Massage £20 (30mins)

1/2 Leg Waxing £15.00

The business has been located in Falkirk for over 20 years, run by Morag Wood and 3 staff.

Taylor made facials that suit your skin are customised to 3 types of aging including genetic, hormonal and UV damage. And non-surgical facelists using microcurrents is a safe, painless and effective way of reducing fine lines and stimulating cellular repair and renewal.

The therapists also carry out manicures, pedicures, hand treatments, waxings, cleanse and make-up, eyebrow tinting, false eye lashes and ear piercings.

The hot stone therapy is a 1 and a half hour treatment, giving a body massage with essential oils and warm smooth palm stones placed on your body. Each stroke equates to about 7 normal strokes to promote real relaxation and warmth, whilst their heat slowly penetrates into the surrounding skin and muscles so you can feel the stress melt away.

The manicure and pedicure treatments consist of various stages of cleansing and polishing the nails followed by a hand massage and nail polishing, with the treatment lasting an hour.

At Body Matters, we use recognises industry brand names such as Monu, Renu and Vitru for men as we only offer our clients the best.

For all body treatments you require, visit Body Matters in the centre of Falkirk.

Essential Beauty Durham

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Offering various beauty treatments to help you relax and unwind. Why not drop into our friendly beauty parlour for a luxury manicure; get those talons trimmed, shaped and polished to perfection. Alternatively, try our face and body treatments, North Road, Durham, DH1 4RZ,…

The Finest Skin Care Products For 2012

Regardless of whether you’re a new mother or maybe have been a mother for a few years, you might have spotted your skin appearing sallow and even dry. Women really feel insecure about the way that they appear and more so after having a baby. Skin tone is the very first indicator that our system is suffering from fluctuations. An example for a stress filled circumstance is without a doubt giving birth that may quickly impact your skin. Apart from skin break outs, some women as well encounter dry skin and flaky sections of dermis because vitamin supplements happen to be lost.

Ingesting fruits and veggies that are loaded with anti-oxidant properties would help your skin get back the previous glory. Veggies and fruits which have high water content boost the essential fluids within the body as a result eliminating toxins and even increasing blood flow.

Seeing that brand new moms adjust to their own function as brand new mommies, they generally forget to care for their appearance. One however could prevent this from taking place to them. Kinds of anti aging skin care products can be obtained that will guarantee that brand new mommies could possibly get back their very own younger appearance.

Best skin care products Meant for Aging Skin

Part of reducing maturing is without a doubt exfoliating which cast off dead skin cells thereby revealing new skin. To be sure that a person optimizes all of the anti-oxidant qualities from the skin care product one ought to primarily choose the right kind of natural skin care. Organic skin care manufacturers for instance Clinique, Estee Lauder and Olay are designed to supply grown up skin.

Help make your skin smooth and radiant. Utilizing all the appropriate natural skin care may basically improve your skin’s appearance. One other spot to take good care of would be the dermis found under your eyes. The skin surrounding the eye is exceedingly vulnerable therefore thoroughly clean the spot together with gentle stroking action. Fluids are impressive in removing under eye circles. Sleep at night a minimum of 8 hrs on a daily basis to support your skin mend itself. Grab a nap in-between particularly if the baby is napping.

Prevent early ageing with the help of retinol lotions and creams. People who are older or over 30 could use these creams. This retinol helps erase facial lines, stop as well as regulate acne breakouts, boost epidermis suppleness and also improve epidermis hydration. You’d probably absolutely love Olay’s most current natural antiaging skin care products. These are cost-effective but can actually go face to face with many other expensive anti aging skin care manufacturers. Don’t assume more intense lines to diminish swiftly, it helps to progressively improve and reduce the lines by means of filling out the facial lines of the skin.

Put on sun block lotion in order to avoid the skin from sun’s rays problems. Burned out epidermis can be affected even more with the UV rays of the sun. New mommies’ skin tend to be vulnerable as a result don’t forget to make use of organic skin care containing sunscreen and also avoid venturing out for the duration of peak hours. Skin is usually well protected by means of sun block that contain anti-oxidant properties.

Want to find out a little more about the latest skin care products? Visit us today. You possibly can select the healthy skin care label that you are most familiar and comfy with as well as take a look at new healthy skin care brands. You can really enjoy your preferred label and quite possibly reduce expenses using the vouchers.

Easy And Efficient Skin Care Suggestions You Need To Be Concentrating On

There is lots of work that goes into ideal skin: shedding, moisturising, and a lot of attention as well as treatment. The guide below will help you to enhance the appearance and quality of your skin, maintaining this healthy as well as beautiful for a long time.

Regular cleaning soap is often too severe for that much more sensitive skin around the face. You will want to choose a face cleanser that’s gentle as well as moderate. If you do have much more sensitive skin, ensure that you steer clear of skin cleansers that have a lot of fragrances, because these can irritate your skin or trigger break-outs.

So that you don’t have to load your face up with lots of items, try to find multi-purpose items. Skin lotions which include sunscreen is a straightforward to find example of a product that acts several purpose. Also, many make-up brands are starting to produce a product called BB (Blemish Base) Lotion, that has been mostly popular in Asia due to its many qualities for skin care. This works as a cover-up, foundation, moisturizer, as well as sunscreen, and it also helps you to balance out your sculpt. Rather than utilizing a individual item for every function, it is easier and better for the skin should you only use one.

Find a good pore minimizer to keep your face looking neat and smooth. Numerous skin-care experts even suggest applying a bit every day only for upkeep. Even though you choose to only use one now and then, it is pivotal that you simply find a really high quality pore minimizer to obtain good results. If you do that, the best pore minimizer will make your skin will truly boost the beauty of your skin. One of the most popular pore minimizers today may be the Revitol pore minimizer and it is additionally one among the most effective. Watch the best pore minimizer products video below to explore this.

Apply your make-up with disposable applicators. Used make-up applicators are a hotbed of bacteria as well as bacteria that can enter into your skin as well as trigger unattractive blemishes. Using a clean applicator every time you apply your make-up, you’re reducing the bacteria that you’re presenting to your skin. Also, remember to remove your make-up every night. Over sleeping your make-up may cause your skin to become inflamed and could bring about a break-out. Using a natural make-up cleaner, gently wipe away all of the make-up in your face prior to settling in for the night.

Even though ideal skin is something that should be worked towards, it is not impossible. If you focus on to sustaining ideal skin, you will begin to observe that your skin is becoming more healthy and much more vibrant. By using the simple steps above, you will observe alterations in the caliber of your skin rapidly. Perfect skin doesn’t have to be an unobtainable goal.

5 Items Spa Covers Can Make For You

There are numerous individuals these days who are taking the time to get items at their home they could relax with. One of the most well-known additions to the house front is a cheap hot tub covers sale. Individuals enjoy soaking away pains and aches in warm water or going for a swim in the cold waters of their pool. What exactly they don’t often prefer is the expensive upkeep that can oftentimes come with these family additions. The truth is there are a couple ways you can decrease your price and increase your pleasure. One of the easiest methods is to have spa covers. If you’re thinking why you’d wish a cover think about the expense of heating your spa. The very first thing a cover can do for you is help to reduce the costs of keeping the water warm as it will keep the heat in.

They could Help With Safety

You might be puzzled as to exactly how spa covers can assist with security but let’s deal with it; even a small spa could pose a danger. Drowning is a really real cause of death for many children and house animals around the world and often occurs in unmonitored, open water. If you keep your spa securely covered you will significantly reduce the opportunity an animal or kid will get hurt or worse- die within your spa.

They Will Improve Your Filter Life

If you’re new at owning a spa you may not realize all the upkeep that goes along with it. There are many stuff you’re going to need to get to keep your spa going properly. You’ll need chemical compounds, thermostats and different pieces such as filters. Filters will degrade immediately after being put through too much strain. One way to increase the longevity of your filter is to make use of spa covers. The reason why these will assist keep your filter around more is they will keep a great deal of debris from getting in your spa and ultimately into your filter, therefore minimizing its work load. A good manufacturer to purchase your spa covers is

Reduced Algae Growth By Reduced Sun Exposure

Frequently individuals make the mistake of pondering that sun exposure for their spa is a good thing. That is till they see algae making its way up the walls, rising over the thermostat and invading the filter. One method of ensuring you are capable of keeping the algae life low in your spa is to use spa covers. A top quality cover will assist you to keep the sun from leading to work intensive algae from developing inside your spa.

Water Preservation From A Cover

It’s easy to ask the query, how could a cover help to reduce the amount of water I use with my spa. The truth is that a lot of water could evaporate from your spa on a daily basis. If you use good spa covers then you will greatly reduce the amount of water you utilize to fill your spa and not merely reduce the amount spent on your water expenses but also decrease the effect you leave on the surroundings.

OPI – Axxium Gel Lacquer – Basic Gel Application – Distributed by Nazih Group مجموعة نزيه

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OPI – Axxium Gel Lacquer – Basic Gel Application – Distributed by Nazih Group مجموعة نزيه

For nearly 20 years, OPI has led the color revolution with OPI Nail Lacquer. Now, OPI leads the gel revolution with the new Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer System. Polish it on like nail lacquer, then UV-cure for results that are nothing short of brilliant!

Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquers are easy to apply and self-leveling for smooth, flawless results.

Perfect for busy professional women, special occasions, extended vacations – any occasion that demands long-lasting color. With simple between-service maintenance, an Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer service can last up to two weeks! Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer and Soak-Off Gel Sealer soak off in as little as 15 minutes. Remove all three layers, including the Soak-Off Gel Base, completely in as little as 30 minutes.

Nazih Group – Health & Beauty Experts for Salon Supply and Products in the Middle East

Supplied in the Middle East by Nazih Trading Company part of Nazih Group –

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نزيه خبراء الشعر والجمال
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Quick And Easy Ideas To Keep Your Skin Appearing Its Greatest

Skincare is an important topic in today’s culture; if you wish to appear your best throughout your life, you have to correctly take care of your skin. If you take a couple of minutes to pay attention to your skin each day, you’ll have healthy, stunning pores and skin that continues to be glowing even while you age.

Invest in a great lotion and use it every single day. Specifically if you have every day contact with the tough problems of nature, such as the sun and the blowing wind, lotion should be a crucial element in your skin treatment toolbox. Using this item will assist you to fight the introduction of wrinkles and fine lines, assisting you appear younger for longer. Regardless of the situation of your skin, lotion can help this avoid dehydration and really feel much softer. If you intend to put on lotion before leaving the house each morning, look for one which also contains SPF to help protect you from the sun’s rays. Should you would rather put on lotion prior to going to sleep during the night, look for a product that was created specifically to work when you sleep.

Another essential part of your skin treatment routine should be the application of sunscreen, particularly if you understand you’ll be spending extended periods of time outside. The sun’s rays are extremely powerful, and continuous contact with them without safeguarding yourself may ultimately lead to cancer of the skin. Over time, you may also create facial lines and other aging process signs. Consequently, sunscreen application is essential. Keep in mind that you will find the possibility to get burnt regardless of whether the sun’s rays is shining or it is hidden behind clouds. You may also suffer both in the summer and the winter months. Therefore, if you are going to be outside, put on sunscreen regardless of what the weather forecast appears like. Search for a product that has an SPF with a minimum of Fifteen, even though thirty is more suitable for better protection. Additionally, remember that even when your lotion offers sun protection qualities, the areas of the body which were not covered by the item nevertheless need sunscreen.

Use a pore minimizer frequently. Doing so will make your skin look and feel both cleaner and softer. Through cleaning your pores you can really create a large change in your general appearance. A lot of women don’t realize this particularly however when you have a lot of clogged pores the skin can be displayed very rugged and unattractive, even if it’s covered with make-up. Therefore make sure that you do not let lots of pore accumulation to happen by applying the best pore minimizer frequently onto the regions of the face which are most prone to having pores. It is also very important to choose wisely when deciding on a pore minimizer, because it needs to be of top quality to be effective. The Revitol pore minimizer for example is definitely an award-winning pore minimizer and its’ usefulness is clinically proven. You want to go with a pore minimizer like this. View this best pore minimizer products for more information.

Getting healthy pores and skin doesn’t have to be a long, involved procedure. Still, many individuals overlook their pores and skin simply because they believe that it is too much try to maintain. By using the information from this article, you can help your skin to look its finest without having to spend hours looking after this.