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Body Matters offer a comprehensive range of beauty and body treatements in a professional, yet relaxed environment by fully qualified and experience therapists. Body Matters also offer complementary and holistic therapies to help you achieve optimum health and well-being.

Body Matters beauty salon offer a comprehensive range of beauty and body treatments in a professional, yet relaxed environment by fully qualified and experienced therapists.

See our 2012 full price list, with explantions of treatments and timings (pdf)

Pricing examples include:

Facial Treatments from £20 (30mins)

Monu Eye Treatments £25 (45mins)

Micro Current Treatment £35 (1hr)

Microdermabrasion £40 (1hr)

Cleanse & Make – Up £30 (1hr)

Eye Trim/Shape £8.00

Eyelash Tinting £12 (15mins)

Manicure £20 (1hr)

Monu Body Salt Scrub £25 (45mins)

Swedish Therapeutic Massage £20 (30mins)

1/2 Leg Waxing £15.00

The business has been located in Falkirk for over 20 years, run by Morag Wood and 3 staff.

Taylor made facials that suit your skin are customised to 3 types of aging including genetic, hormonal and UV damage. And non-surgical facelists using microcurrents is a safe, painless and effective way of reducing fine lines and stimulating cellular repair and renewal.

The therapists also carry out manicures, pedicures, hand treatments, waxings, cleanse and make-up, eyebrow tinting, false eye lashes and ear piercings.

The hot stone therapy is a 1 and a half hour treatment, giving a body massage with essential oils and warm smooth palm stones placed on your body. Each stroke equates to about 7 normal strokes to promote real relaxation and warmth, whilst their heat slowly penetrates into the surrounding skin and muscles so you can feel the stress melt away.

The manicure and pedicure treatments consist of various stages of cleansing and polishing the nails followed by a hand massage and nail polishing, with the treatment lasting an hour.

At Body Matters, we use recognises industry brand names such as Monu, Renu and Vitru for men as we only offer our clients the best.

For all body treatments you require, visit Body Matters in the centre of Falkirk.

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