Eyelash Extensions: Impressive Beauty Enhancers

Eyelash extensions are a way to enrich your very own natural eyelashes, and they are coming to be more trendy as they are more inexpensive. These little beauty wonders will offer you an attractive look and make your eyes appear wonderfully wider. The look is dramatic and long-lasting that is till the lashes are taken off.

The most vital thing to look at when getting eyelash extensions is to discover a prestigious beauty salon that specializes in grafting by a qualified cosmetologist or esthetician. Inquire about the treatment the beauty shop utilizes for affixing lashes. Lashes are made from artificial material, mink and human hair and can be shaped or personalized for different appearances from natural to high glam. Lash extensions are different from false lashes as they are applied independently to each and every lash and not in strips or clumps. False eyelashes are taken off every day, whereas lash affixing lasts considerably much longer. The kind of adhesive is also vital and must be non-formaldehyde.

As a rule, eyelash extensions last from a little over a month up to almost two months depending on exactly how well you take care of them. Taking care of your lashes requires a couple of basic procedures. For the first couple of days after you get lash extensions, you must avoid getting the lashes wet. If the adhesive is not entirely dry or set, lashes might clump together and appear thick.

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that you will not need eyeliner and mascara is usually just used when you are close to a lash touch up. If you make use of mascara, use just water based mascara as the waterproof style is harder on the lash and could trigger the adhesive to loosen. Avoid utilizing eye make-up remover, especially with oil since it could trigger the bond to deactivate and the lashes will begin to fall out. If you utilize eye makeup remover, make sure it is a carbonate and glycol free mixture. It is very important that you have your lashes touched up every two to three weeks to keep that fresh and full look.

After you shower, utilize an eyelash comb to separate and delicately reshape the lashes. Avoid pulling at the lashes as it could ruin or trigger your very own natural eyelashes to fall out. Look for professional services when you are ready to take out your eyelash extensions. To motivate your very own natural lashes to grow, look at one of the serums readily available today.

Essence Nail Studio specializes in eyelash implanting. Ask our licensed experts about a lash extension consultation today.

Irvine Nail Spa Makes You Feel Fantastic

When “You feel better, you look better”, and at this Irvine nail spa the concept is to make you feel fantastic and to leave the spa feeling super. Who doesn’t love a manicure and a pedicure, not to mention a waxing and eyelash extensions? The Essence Nail Studio in Irvine has experienced professionals who are waiting to pamper you to make you feel fantastic and look especially classy.

Women aren’t the only ones who need to keep their nails in good health. Men have the same nail issues and in this Irvine nail spa, our technicians take time to treat the nails before they apply the polish or appliqués.

First they put your fingers and feet in a warm bath for 15 minutes,so they can determine what type of nails you have and how to treat them. Typically, other Irvine nail spas do not take the time to identify the eight different types, but each type requires a different treatment. The eight types are dry, brittle, damaged, normal, peeling, weak, those that break easily and ridged nails. All nails fit one of these categories and should be treated accordingly.

Since everyone’s nails gather dead skin cells underneath this needs to be cleaned out in order to keep the cuticles and nails healthy. Nails that grow abnormally need to be sanded and clipped to achieve the proper look for that individual. This contemporary, but professional Irvine nail spa believes in first starting with a healthy nail, to insure a beautiful outcome.

This talented group of cosmeticians have a huge salon that is an inviting space for their clients to enjoy the treatments. The bold, colorful designs characterize the this optimum space giving each client room to discover new fashion looks. Foot baths line the wall, and tables are strategically placed for manicures, elegant eyelashes and waxing. There is a delightful atmosphere of relaxation in this Irvine Nail Spa.

Details are what make your favorite salon special for you, and they love to offer you Five-star treatment every time you come into the salon. The WOW factors at this Irvine nail spa are a glass of complimentary wine and Wi-Fi throughout the studio. These are just two features that make this an excellent experience at your favorite Irvine nail spa.

The relaxing Five-star Treatments that this Irvine nail spa proudly offers are:

– Gel and Acrylic Nails
– Manicures and non-chip Manicures
– Solar Nails
– Relaxation Facials
– Waxing services for face, Brazilian, Bikini and Full Monty Wax.
– Eyelash Extensions
– And Relaxing Shoulder Massages to relieve stress.

The staff at this avante-guard Irvine nail spa looks forward to your visiting their world of fun and fashion, even if for only an hour or two a week.

Essence Nail Studio
14131 Jeffrey Road Irvine, CA 92620