Irvine Nail Spa Makes You Feel Fantastic

When “You feel better, you look better”, and at this Irvine nail spa the concept is to make you feel fantastic and to leave the spa feeling super. Who doesn’t love a manicure and a pedicure, not to mention a waxing and eyelash extensions? The Essence Nail Studio in Irvine has experienced professionals who are waiting to pamper you to make you feel fantastic and look especially classy.

Women aren’t the only ones who need to keep their nails in good health. Men have the same nail issues and in this Irvine nail spa, our technicians take time to treat the nails before they apply the polish or appliqués.

First they put your fingers and feet in a warm bath for 15 minutes,so they can determine what type of nails you have and how to treat them. Typically, other Irvine nail spas do not take the time to identify the eight different types, but each type requires a different treatment. The eight types are dry, brittle, damaged, normal, peeling, weak, those that break easily and ridged nails. All nails fit one of these categories and should be treated accordingly.

Since everyone’s nails gather dead skin cells underneath this needs to be cleaned out in order to keep the cuticles and nails healthy. Nails that grow abnormally need to be sanded and clipped to achieve the proper look for that individual. This contemporary, but professional Irvine nail spa believes in first starting with a healthy nail, to insure a beautiful outcome.

This talented group of cosmeticians have a huge salon that is an inviting space for their clients to enjoy the treatments. The bold, colorful designs characterize the this optimum space giving each client room to discover new fashion looks. Foot baths line the wall, and tables are strategically placed for manicures, elegant eyelashes and waxing. There is a delightful atmosphere of relaxation in this Irvine Nail Spa.

Details are what make your favorite salon special for you, and they love to offer you Five-star treatment every time you come into the salon. The WOW factors at this Irvine nail spa are a glass of complimentary wine and Wi-Fi throughout the studio. These are just two features that make this an excellent experience at your favorite Irvine nail spa.

The relaxing Five-star Treatments that this Irvine nail spa proudly offers are:

– Gel and Acrylic Nails
– Manicures and non-chip Manicures
– Solar Nails
– Relaxation Facials
– Waxing services for face, Brazilian, Bikini and Full Monty Wax.
– Eyelash Extensions
– And Relaxing Shoulder Massages to relieve stress.

The staff at this avante-guard Irvine nail spa looks forward to your visiting their world of fun and fashion, even if for only an hour or two a week.

Essence Nail Studio
14131 Jeffrey Road Irvine, CA 92620

Why The Local Salon Is As Essential As The Local Baker

Visiting a salon to have your nails done isn’t just good for your nails, but also for mind, body and soul, as you take a few moments to relax, unwind and just simply sit back and get pampered.

Spas, hammans, banyas and the like are traditions that go back thousands of years in time and the reason they still exist today is because people need to get pampered ever so often. It’s like the feeling when you leave the shower – you are fresh and ready to face the world. At the Irvine nail spa we know exactly what we are talking about, because we see clients leave our premises with a spring in their step time and time again.

At the Irvine nail spa we see the stress our clients go through in their lives and the refreshing effect our treatments have on them. From waxing, to massage, there is something about looking after yourself that simply makes you feel divine! And maybe also to have someone else look after you – as adults that sometimes becomes a luxury as we cook, we clean, we work, we take care of the family!

It has actually been scientifically proven that stress can cause a lot of different diseases and run your immune system down and at the Irvine nail spa we are not surprised We see stress run our clients down, but we also see how relaxation rejuvenates them.

At the Irvine nail spa we pride ourselves in offering bespoke services to each single customer – one size fits all is not our motto, as it just simply doesn’t hold true – one size does not fit all. The clients at the Irvine nail spa get treatments which suit their particular mood, as well as their skin, nails and so on. At the Irvine nail spa we want to give our clients luxury, but the luxury, first and foremost is treating each client like an individual.

What’s more at the Irvine nail spa we use as many natural products as we can, as we care both for clients and the nature. And the more natural the product, the better for your body. You want to feel like you are treating yourself to luxury and not a chemical overload!

We all have different ways to wind down – from exercising to watching a movie, but if you haven’t yet we recommend you try one of the treatments at the Irvine nail spa as it is a truly relaxing experience to have someone else pamper you and massage your hands whilst giving you a pedicure and give you a foot rub for your manicure. You can just sit back and sip a glass of complimentary wine!


Eyelash Extensions: Remarkable Beauty Enhancers

Eyelash extensions are a way to enhance your own natural eyelashes, and they are becoming more popular as they are more affordable. These little beauty wonders will give you a beautiful look and make your eyes appear attractively wider. The look is dramatic and permanent that is until the lashes are removed.

The most important thing to consider when getting eyelash extensions is to find a reputable salon that specializes in grafting by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Inquire as to the procedure the salon uses for attaching lashes. Lashes are made of synthetic material, mink and human hair and can be shaped or customized for different looks from natural to high glam. Lash extensions are different from false eyelashes as they are applied individually to each and every lash and not in strips or clumps. False eyelashes are removed every day, whereas lash grafting lasts considerably longer. The type of adhesive is also important and should be non-formaldehyde.

As a rule, eyelash extensions last from a little over a month up to almost two months depending on how well you care for them. Caring for your lashes requires a few basic steps. For the first few days after you get lash extensions, you should avoid getting the lashes wet. If the adhesive is not completely dry or set, lashes could clump together and appear thick.

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that you will not need eyeliner and mascara is generally only used when you are close to a lash touch up. If you use mascara, use only water based mascara as the waterproof type is harder on the lash and can cause the adhesive to loosen. Avoid using eye make-up remover, especially with oil because it can cause the bond to deactivate and the lashes will start to fall out. If you use eye makeup remover, make sure it is a carbonate and glycol free solution. It is important that you have your lashes touched up every two to three weeks to keep that fresh and full look.

After you shower, use an eyelash comb to separate and gently reshape the lashes. Avoid pulling at the lashes as it can damage or cause your own natural lashes to fall out. Seek professional assistance when you are ready to remove your eyelash extensions. To encourage your own natural lashes to grow, consider one of the serums available today.

Essence Nail Studio specializes in eyelash extensions. Ask our licensed professionals about a lash extension consultation today.

Eyelash Extensions – Enhance The Beauty of Your Eyes

Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary way of enhancing the beauty of your eyes without looking artificial. Imagine waking up in the morning and smiling at your loved one with no fear that ugly ‘raccoon’ eyes are spoiling your appearance. Flutter fabulous lashes without that tell-tale base marring the image. Think of the time you will save by not having to go through that awkward process of applying false lashes. Eyelash extensions may be your dream come true.

How do these modern marvels work? Individual strands of delicate silk are adhered to your lashes adding both length and volume. The adhesive is semi-permanent, meaning eyelash extensions won’t detach on their own, but may be removed if desired or necessary.

The life of an individual human lash is from two to six months, with the average being about three months. As human lashes shed, new lashes must be enhanced with eyelash extensions to preserve the overall appearance. Periodic refills will be required to replace lost lashes and ensure that existing eyelash extensions remain in place.

You may be wondering about the process, how long it takes and whether it is painful. There is nothing to worry about! You will lie back in a comfortable position for about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. A certified lash stylist will carefully cover your lower lashes and eyebrows with a soft shield to protect them and keep them out-of-the-way.

The stylist will gently comb the lashes to remove any that are shedding. After carefully spreading a single lash away from its neighbors, the stylist will coat the enhancement with a special bonding agent and lay it along the length of the natural lash, removing any excess. This step will be repeated from 60 to 120 times for each eye. Patience and care will guarantee that your eyelash extensions will look beautiful and natural.

After care for your eyelash extensions is really very simple. You should avoid water for about 24 hours. After that, swimming and showering are fine. Be gentle with them when removing eye makeup. Avoid heavy oils and creams as they will cause degeneration of the adhesive. Do not use waterproof mascara. Avoid excess heat such as a heated eyelash curler or steam from a home facial sauna.

Just as your hair color and manicure must be maintained to extend their beauty, eyelash extensions must be touched up periodically. Establish a follow up schedule to be sure your eyelash extensions are always as fabulous as they are when you first have them done.

Essence Nail Studio
14131 Jeffrey Road
Irvine, CA 92620

Nail Salon Of Today, More Than Just Mani/Pedi’s

Your husband, boyfriend, brother or son may not understand it, but every woman knows there’s nothing like a good nail salon and a great manicure/pedicure. Getting to sit down in a salon for an hour and be pampered can be the most relaxing part of an otherwise busy work week, and in the end you come out with great looking nails! The hardest part of getting a great manicure is finding the right nail salon for you. Some salons are about professional efficiency, a great match for a woman on the go, they can have you in and out and looking great in no time. Other nail salons aim for relaxation and rejuvenation. You often get a full hand spa treatment with your manicure, complete with massage. And the standard nail treatments of today are not what they used to be. Acrylic and gel nails are all the rage now.

Acrylics have been in nail salons for a while now, whether small and almost indistinguishable from your own nail, or long and flashy, women have enjoyed the convenience of great looking, long lasting nails. Gel nails on the other hand are a more recent trend and have begun to appear in nail salons here in Irvine, CA and all across the USA.

Gel nails fall between the standard manicure and acrylic nails. They paint on like regular nail polish, but are dried with UV light. This means that the nail polish is completely dry once your manicure is finished, so you don’t have to worry about messing your nails up as leave the salon. They also last much longer than standard nail polish, generally 2 – 4 weeks, and are very resistant to chipping and peeling. Just be sure not to wait too long to get your nails redone as the gel when it begins to peel could crack or damage your nails, not to mention it won’t look as nice.

While some nail studios offer only manicures and pedicures, many have begun to expand their services. Salons such as Essence Nail Studio in Irvine, CA, offer waxing, massages, facials, and even eyelash extensions in addition to the standard nail treatments. So when you’re thinking about getting a quick manicure or pedicure at your local nail salon, think about extending your visit a little longer and take in the full gamut of what these salons now offer.

Visit Essence Nail Studio at 14131 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, CA 92620 or call 949-625-1574. Check out the best nail salon and spa services in Orange County at

Eyelash Extensions Experts in Irvine

Longer, fuller eyelashes are becoming the new “it” look. They’ve appeared on the red carpet, TV, and movies. And all the stars are sporting fuller, longer lashes. In the past, these lashes were due to large amounts of mascara, curling, or even fake lashes. But now, eyelash extensions are the new solution to fuller, eye catching lashes.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are extremely different from false lashes. False lashes are a strip of lashes glued to the eyelids. Eyelash extensions are applied by a specialist directly to each eyelash. Each extension is made of a single strand of silk that is designed to look just like a natural eyelash. The process originated in Korea and spread like wildfire across the entire globe and has appeared here in Irvine, CA.

How are they applied?

Each extension is glued to an individual eyelash, slightly above your skin, to increase the fullness, length, and thickness of your own lashes. In a single sitting, you can have as many as 60 – 120 lashes added to each eye.

While the application process takes between 1 and 2 hours, specialists make sure that you are comfortable and happy during the entire process. Your natural eyelashes, like your hair, have a growth cycle, and fall out for couple days each month. With regular maintenance of your eyelash extensions, every couple of weeks, your new, fuller lashes could last up to 2-3 months. The extensions themselves are semipermanent and sweat and water proof. All this makes the initial couple of hours for application worth the wait.

Before going in to your local Irvine, CA spa and sign up for the process, be sure to do your research. Applying eyelash extension takes a lot of skill. Check with your spa to see if they have a trained technician who is qualified to do the treatment. If possible, ask for before and after pictures of work they have done for other clients. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. If the technicians know what they are doing, they will be more than happy to address any issues you have and walk you through the entire process.

With eyelash extensions, you can say goodbye to worrying about your make up in the sauna or the pool, with eyelash extensions you always look your best without all the worry and hassle that comes with applying makeup.


Waxing is a treatment that removes unwanted hair on nearly any area of the body. This treatment is used by   both men and women. Waxing is an extremely popular salon or spa treatment service and is considered by both men and women as a good solution for unwanted hair.   Women opt for this treatment for facial hair, bikini areas, and legs while men often go in for this treatment for areas such as the arms and back.    Waxing is quite painful, but if it is done by an expert the discomfort should be short-term.

Waxing Techniques:

The use of waxing techniques depends on the thickness and area of the body that requires treatment that sometimes more than one application might be necessary.  Some Salon or Spa use cream wax for their clients, others find that hard wax works better.  In some waxing treatment, talcum powder application is sometimes used to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin. In either case, the wax is usually heated before being applied to the body.  Muslin strips that are applied to the warm wax are pulled off so that hairs are removed from the root. Other type of wax does not require muslin strips as the wax that hardens and can be peeled away.

Regardless of the waxing treatment you choose keep in mind that redness and minor irritation are normal reactions. If you have especially delicate skin, ask the technician if they can suggest something to soothe the area after treatment. Avoid the sunlight and potential irritants and share medicines you are taking with the technician as certain medicine can impact the skin.

Our Services:

•         Upper Lip – the most preferred facial hair removal method

•         Whole Face – waxing the whole face from the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, and chin

•         Chin – treatment method for girls with unwanted facial hair

•         Under Arms – removes hair and unwanted hair

•         Sideburns – best solution for removing sideburns for girls

•         Shoulders – most frequently requested male waxing treatment

•         Half Arms – waxing treatment either from the elbow to the wrist or from the shoulder to the elbow

•         Full Arms – waxing of both arms from shoulder including the hand

•         Back – one of the most popular wax treatments for men

•         Bikini – removes hair around the inside and just outside the bikini line area

•         Half Leg – waxing treatment either the top half of the legs or the bottom half.

•         Full Legs – waxing the legs from the bikini line all the way to the ankles.

•         Brazilian – waxing treatment that removes all the hair from the bikini area.

•         Upper Legs & Bikini Waxing – includes waxing from the front and back of both thighs to above the knees up to outside the bikini line.

•         Full Legs & Bikini

Our highly trained cerologist

Our highly trained cerologist takes a systematic approach to the art of waxing by constantly staying abreast of the latest techniques for removing unwanted hair growth. Our consuming passion for giving you the 5 star treatments in all your nail and waxing treatment make Essence Nail Studio the most trusted service for keeping that body hair in check.


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