Eyelash Extensions: Remarkable Beauty Enhancers

Eyelash extensions are a way to enhance your own natural eyelashes, and they are becoming more popular as they are more affordable. These little beauty wonders will give you a beautiful look and make your eyes appear attractively wider. The look is dramatic and permanent that is until the lashes are removed.

The most important thing to consider when getting eyelash extensions is to find a reputable salon that specializes in grafting by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Inquire as to the procedure the salon uses for attaching lashes. Lashes are made of synthetic material, mink and human hair and can be shaped or customized for different looks from natural to high glam. Lash extensions are different from false eyelashes as they are applied individually to each and every lash and not in strips or clumps. False eyelashes are removed every day, whereas lash grafting lasts considerably longer. The type of adhesive is also important and should be non-formaldehyde.

As a rule, eyelash extensions last from a little over a month up to almost two months depending on how well you care for them. Caring for your lashes requires a few basic steps. For the first few days after you get lash extensions, you should avoid getting the lashes wet. If the adhesive is not completely dry or set, lashes could clump together and appear thick.

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that you will not need eyeliner and mascara is generally only used when you are close to a lash touch up. If you use mascara, use only water based mascara as the waterproof type is harder on the lash and can cause the adhesive to loosen. Avoid using eye make-up remover, especially with oil because it can cause the bond to deactivate and the lashes will start to fall out. If you use eye makeup remover, make sure it is a carbonate and glycol free solution. It is important that you have your lashes touched up every two to three weeks to keep that fresh and full look.

After you shower, use an eyelash comb to separate and gently reshape the lashes. Avoid pulling at the lashes as it can damage or cause your own natural lashes to fall out. Seek professional assistance when you are ready to remove your eyelash extensions. To encourage your own natural lashes to grow, consider one of the serums available today.

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