Waxing is a treatment that removes unwanted hair on nearly any area of the body. This treatment is used by   both men and women. Waxing is an extremely popular salon or spa treatment service and is considered by both men and women as a good solution for unwanted hair.   Women opt for this treatment for facial hair, bikini areas, and legs while men often go in for this treatment for areas such as the arms and back.    Waxing is quite painful, but if it is done by an expert the discomfort should be short-term.

Waxing Techniques:

The use of waxing techniques depends on the thickness and area of the body that requires treatment that sometimes more than one application might be necessary.  Some Salon or Spa use cream wax for their clients, others find that hard wax works better.  In some waxing treatment, talcum powder application is sometimes used to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin. In either case, the wax is usually heated before being applied to the body.  Muslin strips that are applied to the warm wax are pulled off so that hairs are removed from the root. Other type of wax does not require muslin strips as the wax that hardens and can be peeled away.

Regardless of the waxing treatment you choose keep in mind that redness and minor irritation are normal reactions. If you have especially delicate skin, ask the technician if they can suggest something to soothe the area after treatment. Avoid the sunlight and potential irritants and share medicines you are taking with the technician as certain medicine can impact the skin.

Our Services:

•         Upper Lip – the most preferred facial hair removal method

•         Whole Face – waxing the whole face from the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, and chin

•         Chin – treatment method for girls with unwanted facial hair

•         Under Arms – removes hair and unwanted hair

•         Sideburns – best solution for removing sideburns for girls

•         Shoulders – most frequently requested male waxing treatment

•         Half Arms – waxing treatment either from the elbow to the wrist or from the shoulder to the elbow

•         Full Arms – waxing of both arms from shoulder including the hand

•         Back – one of the most popular wax treatments for men

•         Bikini – removes hair around the inside and just outside the bikini line area

•         Half Leg – waxing treatment either the top half of the legs or the bottom half.

•         Full Legs – waxing the legs from the bikini line all the way to the ankles.

•         Brazilian – waxing treatment that removes all the hair from the bikini area.

•         Upper Legs & Bikini Waxing – includes waxing from the front and back of both thighs to above the knees up to outside the bikini line.

•         Full Legs & Bikini

Our highly trained cerologist

Our highly trained cerologist takes a systematic approach to the art of waxing by constantly staying abreast of the latest techniques for removing unwanted hair growth. Our consuming passion for giving you the 5 star treatments in all your nail and waxing treatment make Essence Nail Studio the most trusted service for keeping that body hair in check.