Eyelash Extensions Experts in Irvine

Longer, fuller eyelashes are becoming the new “it” look. They’ve appeared on the red carpet, TV, and movies. And all the stars are sporting fuller, longer lashes. In the past, these lashes were due to large amounts of mascara, curling, or even fake lashes. But now, eyelash extensions are the new solution to fuller, eye catching lashes.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are extremely different from false lashes. False lashes are a strip of lashes glued to the eyelids. Eyelash extensions are applied by a specialist directly to each eyelash. Each extension is made of a single strand of silk that is designed to look just like a natural eyelash. The process originated in Korea and spread like wildfire across the entire globe and has appeared here in Irvine, CA.

How are they applied?

Each extension is glued to an individual eyelash, slightly above your skin, to increase the fullness, length, and thickness of your own lashes. In a single sitting, you can have as many as 60 – 120 lashes added to each eye.

While the application process takes between 1 and 2 hours, specialists make sure that you are comfortable and happy during the entire process. Your natural eyelashes, like your hair, have a growth cycle, and fall out for couple days each month. With regular maintenance of your eyelash extensions, every couple of weeks, your new, fuller lashes could last up to 2-3 months. The extensions themselves are semipermanent and sweat and water proof. All this makes the initial couple of hours for application worth the wait.

Before going in to your local Irvine, CA spa and sign up for the process, be sure to do your research. Applying eyelash extension takes a lot of skill. Check with your spa to see if they have a trained technician who is qualified to do the treatment. If possible, ask for before and after pictures of work they have done for other clients. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. If the technicians know what they are doing, they will be more than happy to address any issues you have and walk you through the entire process.

With eyelash extensions, you can say goodbye to worrying about your make up in the sauna or the pool, with eyelash extensions you always look your best without all the worry and hassle that comes with applying makeup.