A Solution Weak Nails

This video clip is about argan oil for nail care. I knew of argan oil for hair and skin care, but wasn't so much aware that it could work for nails.

For several years , as I get older, my nails, especially my toe nails have come to be a lot more fragile; they break really quickly when I cut them. I have likewise noticed that my toe nails developed some unusual spots and white lines.

At first, I filed them off with an emery board – that was not the answer to the problem. The result of doing this was that I essentially filed away my nails ultimately making them thinner and even more prone to breaking. And inevitably, it didn't eliminate the white lines.

So, I was enthused when I discovered that argan oil could possibly help with my issue. And it has.

I applied merely a little bit of argan oil to my toe nails, rubbed it in and let it soak up awhile. After only a number of days, I saw that my toe nails looked a lot nicer. The lines ended up being increasingly faint and are by now gone. My nails look rosy once again and so much nicer compared to before.

I'll continue to apply argan oil once in awhile to keep the looks of my toe nails, and am now also using it for my finger nails. It moisturizes my cuticles and makes them smooth looking – no longer do they split and look raggedy.

I have been using Kandala Argan Oil which is an all-natural product and it is organic. Kandala's argan oil is cold-pressed virgin oil, so the oil has all the healthful components fully unaltered because it wasn't heat-treated, which normally alters a product and lessens its health benefits.

I strongly recommend this one. It's offered on Amazon.

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