All About Manicure Tables

The’re many different types of manicure tables. Some tables are fairly basic. These tables usually have a metal frame with a laminate top. They now and again have wheels on the bottom to make room redecorating a little easier. There are also plastic manicure tables, complete with attached chairs. I’ve even seen some plastic manicure tables designed to look antiqued like faux stone. These sorts of tables are much in-line with those huge faux concrete flower pots. You’ve seen those that look really heavy, but then you go to pick them up and they are plastic and very lightweight.

In a few fancier nail salons, I have experienced the use of antique furniture as manicure tables. The furniture might have been a desk, or perhaps a chest of drawers of some sort. Now and again the top has been refinished with a stain. I have likewise seen these types of manicure tables with stone on the top, like marble or granite.

Another type of manicure table is just like a desk in that it has drawers for storage. These sorts of tables are commonly produced with wood or some combination of wood and laminate. I have likewise seen some manicure tables with a glass top. The tables with glass tops would in all probability be the most hard to keep clean. Glass tables show every speck of dirt and every finger print smudge there is.

Whichever type of table you choose; you should have some type of space for storage. While a manicure table should be visually attractive if at all possible, it’s more important that it is functional.

Prices vary greatly for manicure tables. These types of tables can be purchased locally at beauty supply shops, through catalogs, and naturally through the web. It is also a great idea to check your local paper for used manicure tables. You could put away a large amount of money by purchasing a used table. Occasionally, they are so gently used that you would never know that it wasn’t brand new. The internet is in addition another good source for buying used beauty supply equipment. There are many different online suppliers. EBay could easily be a good source for finding used manicure tables.

Try to buy all of your manicure tables once as a way to save on shipping. With the rising price of gas nowadays, it’s potential that the shipping charges could actually be more than the price of the actual supplies. This is specially true if you are merely obtaining a few tables and they happen to be located on the other side of a rural area.

Whatever you decide, I advise that you do some serious shopping around before you purchase. The manicure table is the most significant area of the nail salon. The manicure table will dictate the total theme of the salon. Do you want something basic, or perhaps some more upscale? Do you would like something lightweight and easy to move or something more stationary? Whatever the answer, I wish you good luck and happy shopping.

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