Best Nail Care Products Nowadays

Nail care products were already being used during the time of ancient Egyptians and the reign of the Pharaohs. To color their nails and fingertips, they use henna. This practice was both to beautify the nails and to determine social order. On the other hand, the Ancient Chinese used colored lacquer made from gum Arabic, egg whites, gelatin and beeswax. Modern nail care products have a huge difference from these ancient products.A cosmetic dentist who also knew much about contact lenses, or contact lens provided the useful information.

Today’s nail care products are not just confined on the beautifying elements but also on hygiene and health. No need to worry in keeping healthy, beautiful nails because these products are abundant – you can buy and use them at home, or get them as an add-on when you visit a salon.

Here are some of the most common nail care products that you’ll find today:

Nail polish removers – These are commonly used to remove nail polish. But they sometimes make the nails dry and brittle, so it is best not use them too often in one week. Nail lotions – These are used to keep nails moisturized and healthy-looking. They are recommended for cracked and dry nails.Base coat – It is ideal to use a base coat with UV protection before applying nail polish. This prevents nails from nail polish stains.Cuticle cream – There are cuticle creams that contain vitamins A and E, plus jojoba oil which help soften the cuticles.Top coat or nail sealer – To help protect and retain your nails’ moisture, you can apply top coats over your nail polish or just over natural nails. Nail polish – Nail polishes in today’s market are quite plentiful and they are also classified in various types, such as those that are made for specific nail problems.Nail hardener – Brush this product over your nails to protect, strengthen and moisturize them.Nail polish thinner – This product is used in thinning out nail polish. Keep it in the fridge to prolong its shelf life. Nail care lotion – This is a product that caters to both nails and hands to keep them moisturized and soft. Wash your hands before using it for better results. Nail brush – Remove stains and dirt by scrubbing your nails with a nail brush. Use mild soap for better results.

These are inexpensive nail care products that you can easily buy. And it is best to only buy what you currently need. If you prefer to go to a salon, then you may have to spend a little for the service and other products that may be offered to you.

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