Body Scrub & Polish – Lavender

We shed skin every day! That's a good thing, otherwise it would not be a pretty sight, to have dead scaly skin over all the body! Although washing can remove some of the dead skin from your body, it's not abrasive enough to exfoliate completely. Dead skin accumulation can clog your pores and leave your skin looking dull and dried out!

Body scrubs should be used to exfoliate regularly, to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Golden Moor's Body Scrub & Polish is not just a beauty product for Ladies, it's for anyone who suffers from itchy, scaly and listless skin. The lavender fragrance has a soothing effect as you scrub and you won't believe what a difference it makes after exfoliating with Golden Moor Body Scrub & Polish … It's like cultivating brand new skin!


The Golden Moor Bog is located in Casselman, Ontario, Canada, a small village situated 50 kilometers from Ottawa in a valley. The quality of the moor in this area is of a better quality than any moor used elsewhere in the world.

The Golden Moor source is one of the rarest of the world that has not been tampered by men or contaminated by modern day pollution. Furthermore it is preserved by Canadian government laws. The Golden Moor mud is extracted during the winter months at a depth of 5 to 15 meters under the frozen surface where the thermal current circulates constantly. The most important characteristics of the moor is that it is hydrosoluble, liposoluble, holds a high level of humic acid, salicylates, phytohormones, and a 5.5 pH balance.

After extraction the moor is verified and analyzed in an outside laboratory to ensure quality and equilibrium in its therapeutic values. Once at our facility, we use specialized equipment that ensures filtration, homogenization and pasteurization of the Golden Moor products.

We are confident you will not find a more pure and therapeutic product in the marketplace. We encourage you to browse our product catalog, and read our online studies.

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