Do I Need To Prepare My Skin Prior To A Facial Treatment?

No, it isn’t necessary to prepare your skin at all. There are a variety of treatments for different skin types, skin needs and skin problems. It just depends what kind of treatment or attention you would like.

About how long will it take to find out my skin type?

It generally takes 10-15 minutes or so to find out your skin type, and what your needs are. Everyone is different but common concerns are clogged pores, discoloration, pigmentation, acne or lines and wrinkles.

Broadly speaking, there are five or six areas of concern that need to be treated appropriately. For instance:

– Often sun damage causes early ageing in quite young women (and men, too).

– Skin with an uneven tone.

– Also acne scarring can affect adults as well as many young teenagers. Even if you haven’t had acne in your teenage years, you can still suffer from it as an adult if there is hormonal imbalance, or stress, or other environmental factors.

– A very common area of concern is pigmentation, due to hormonal imbalance or pregnancy.

– Another area of concern for us is the ageing process. You see, after 40 we tend to have lines and wrinkles which appear because of the dehydration on the skin due to the sun. But with the right treatment it is possible to alleviate dryness, cracks and lines and wrinkles on the face.

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