Eucalyptus Shea Butter Will Feed Your Skin and Delight Your Senses

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather ply your skin with natural substances than with chemicals.

Apparently, over 60% of processed skin care products contain hazardous compounds that absorb through the skin and which can do us a lot of harm. Yuck!

After sampling every costly anti-aging skin elixir on the market and never experiencing much difference in my skin, I stumbled upon unrefined shea butter. It contains nothing other than, well, shea butter. In short, it’s entirely natural. It’s culled right from the African shea kernel.

You’ll discover how effective this substance is the first time you apply it. It has magical emollients — dry skin will disappear forever. So will scaly, inflamed, rough skin. And skin plagued with dermatitis, rashes, or stretch marks should be markedly improved. Rub it in everywhere — it’s impossible to overdose.

Here’s another thing: Raw shea nut butter, the only kind you want, doesn’t smell so great. However, you know about essential oils, right? I discovered them only recently — I didn’t know what I didn’t have before trying these 100% natural, healing oils! Who would ever wear synthetic scents when they can use essential oils? They are so luscious, I’d sometimes rather inhale pure jasmine, lemongrass or eucalyptus oil than have a gourmet meal.

So consider the serendipity of raw shea butter blended with essential oils. Scrumptious! The item linked here has 13 scent varieties, each blending unrefined shea butter and pure essential oils. Let’s take eucalyptus as an example. It is widely known that eucalyptus opens the breathing and clarifies the psyche. What might not be as well recognized is that the woodsy, clean aroma of eucalyptus can be positively exhilarating. Aside from its psychological characteristics, eucalyptus is utilized to address sinus issues, asthma, bronchitis and emphysema. Topically, it fights microorganisms and can enhance blood flow to inflamed or compromised areas. Just envision a healing cloak for your body, mind and spirit!

One other point: If you want a reliable buying experience, order this straight from If you’re a Prime Member, as I am, you can have it in exactly 2 days with no shipping cost. If you’re not a Prime Member, buy 2 containers and shipping is free.

Just click below and follow the path directly to Amazon to ply your skin and your senses with Eucalyptus Shea Butter, or another heavenly scent selection.

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Raw Shea Butter . . . Or, How A Family Solved All Its Tough Skin Problems With One Natural Substance

Both Leslie and Eli Carrington are park rangers in Yellowstone National Park, where snow can grace the mountains into June, where winter nights can reach minus 35, and where Memorial Day can be mistaken for a white Christmas. Historically it was a job for men only; but now Leslie and Eli both patrol the park’s boundaries by snowmobile, do search and rescue missions, and maintain the park’s water works.

Just consider trying to find babysitters in the backcountry when it’s -20 degrees and falling! Well, that’s what Leslie and Eli were obliged to do for their 3 year old son, Joshua.

The family would not trade their lifestyle for anything; however, they do have several difficulties. Skin issues top the list. In the harsh winters, both Leslie and Eli are burdened with raw, rough hands, faces and lips. At the same time, their son’s skin is so irritated that he nearly scratches it right off his small body.

One Saturday in December, Leslie was describing the family’s skin issues to her sister, Debbie. With surprising fervor, Debbie suggested to Leslie that she purchase some raw, virgin shea nut butter. “You will never use anything else on your skin again!”

Obviously, obtaining shea butter in the middle of December in Yellowstone wasn’t exactly a breeze, so when 2 containers of it arrived in the mail, courtesy of Debbie, Leslie was more than happy. A lovely photo ornamented both containers of Shea ScentSations shea butter. One contained “Romantic Rose Shea Butter,” and the other “Elating Eucalyptus Shea Butter.” Both versions consisted of just unrefined, natural shea butter and pure essential oils.

Before she applied the shea butter, Leslie indulged in the aromas from both containers and basked in the alluring, natural essences. The rose was ambrosial, and the eucalyptus was deeply satisfying . Both scents were intense, not just hints of the essential oil. Leslie was delighted with the idea of treating her skin while simultaneously getting aromatherapy.

She knew as soon as she had massaged the buttery compound all over her body that shea butter was the solution to her family’s skin issues. Her skin soaked it up and asked for more.

A month afterward, cracked, red, chapped elbows, lips and hands are things of the past for the whole family. Joshua’s skin is protected all day with a thick coating of natural shea nut butter. Eli enjoys the eucalyptus version, and is looking forward to sampling various other scents. Leslie adores the rose shea butter, and is ready to try all the scent choices.

Unexpectedly, since beginning to use shea butter, Leslie has found her stretch marks fading. Furthermore, she sent a container of jasmine shea butter to her mom, who reported back that it was more deeply moisturizing than any other substance she had ever before put on her skin, and said her wrinkles were gradually diminishing.

Debbie was right: the Carringtons will never let themselves run out of raw shea butter, and they will never buy shea butter without the heavenly essential oils.

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