Everything About Manicure Stations

When opening a nail salon, perhaps your most significant investment is the manicure station. The station is going to dictate the total theme of your salon. Do you would like to have a chic, fancy type of salon? Then you will need to purchase surface the line manicure stations. Or perhaps you could use antique furniture for your manicure stations. This will in addition give the salon an elegant feel. You will likewise require to pay particular attention when ordering chairs for your stations. They might be leather, made specifically for the reason for having ones nails manicured, or they may be elegant high backed antique chairs, or you may even have a chair representing some type of theme, such as the Caribbean or Europe for example. Whichever type you choose, comfort is important.

If you would like to have an increasing basic type of nail salon with the cost conscientious customer in mind, then you should keep your manicure stations a little more basic. The elementary tables will give the appearance that your prices are going to represent the absence of frills, and the low cost of the elementary tables will allow you to reduce costs and possibly pass that savings on to your clients. While I do advise a fundamental table, I wouldn’t advise stinting on the chairs.

Whatever type of manicure station you commit to use, the’re some basic things that the different types will have in common. To Illustrate, all stations should be comfortable and include comfortable seating, for not only the customer but also the manicurist. A comfortable employee is a happy employee. In any case, she’ll be spending a good number of time at that manicure station, and if she is going to keep the clients coming back, she’ll ought to be happy. You will in addition need to keep some supplies at the manicure station.

Each station should have its own set of manicure tools, everything from emery boards to cuticle creams and emollients, to the actual polishes. The station should provide enough storage case for all of these necessary tools. There should be sufficient of drawers and shelving. Each station will have to have a flat counter top space for manicuring. There should also be adequate lighting at each manicure station.

The station should have a bowl for soaking hands at the initial phase of the manicure. It may also include some sort of hand rest for the client to rest their wrists on during the manicure. It is not necessary to have a separate sink for each manicure station. You can have a shared sink for all stations, or even the one in the restroom will do just fine.

Whether you arrange to have many stations within a nail only salon, or simply one manicure station within an existing salon, spacing is in addition an important thing to think about. The stations should have plenty of space between them and other beauty shop paraphernalia. There is not much that is more unappealing or uncomfortable than a cramped space.

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