Fashion Lash Extensions Versus Fake Eyelash Extensions

Fashion Lash Extensions with a Natural Look

Lash extensions are the most recent trend in beauty enhancement products. Fashion lashes bring out the natural wonder of your eyes without looking vicious and freakish like false lashes sometimes do. False eyelashes are hard to apply properly, they do not bond well and frequently come loose before you would like them to leaving you with the odd effect.

The greatest difference between false lashes and lash extensions is that false lashes are not permanent and remove simply when the glue dries out but lash extensions offer a long term solution because they bond to your natural lashes in a way similar to hair extensions.

What Are Fashion Eyelash Extensions?

Fashion lashes are natural-appearing eyelash extensions that are excellent for everyday use. The lash extensions skip out on the need for thickening mascara, eyelash curlers and eyeliner to make eyes standout and look their very best. Unlike fake eyelashes, they appear natural and fit the curve of your eye without appearing lumpish or too bushy. No more raccoon eyes gazing back at you in the mirror.

Applying Lash Extensions

The method is comparable to applying hair extensions because each lash bonds individually and uses adhesive substance engineered to last longer than normal eyelash glue. A specialized lash extension service makes sure the lashes are properly applied and all health and safety practices followed. The extensions last approximately about a couple months with proper care although some deterioration is common. Only a pro should perform lash removal to avoid damaging the lashes or the delicate skin around the eyelid.

Advantages of Fashion Eyelash Extensions

One benefit is the eyelashes curl in the same direction as natural ones and fills in some of the gaps where lashes are scant giving a fuller appearance. There is no need for mascara or liner but you may use them if you like for a dramatic look.

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