Ginger-Orange Shea Butter Will Enhance Your Skin and Excite Your Senses

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather ply your skin with natural ingredients than with chemicals.

Well, over 60% of processed skin creams include toxic compounds that assimilate quickly into our bodies and that can do us loads of damage. Yuck!

After sampling every expensive anti-aging skin potion on the market and never observing much improvement in my skin, I discovered raw shea butter. It consists of nothing except, well, shea butter. Simply put, it’s completely natural. It’s extracted right from the African shea kernel.

You’ll notice how amazing this stuff is when you use it for the first time. It harbors miraculous moisturizers — moisture-starved skin will be quickly restored. So will irritated, red, chapped skin. And skin afflicted with dermatitis, rashes, or stretch marks probably will be vastly improved. Rub it in all over — there’s no way to overdose.

Now for the next thing: Unrefined shea butter, the only kind you should buy, doesn’t exactly smell great. However, you know about essential oils, right? I tried them just recently — I didn’t know how wonderful they were before experimenting with these 100% natural, healing oils! Who would wear artificial fragrances when they can use essential oils? They are so delicious, I’d sometimes prefer to inhale pure frankinsence, rose or ginger-orange oil than have a gourmet meal.

Imagine the joy of unrefined shea butter and essential oils combined. Scrumptious! The item linked below has 12 scent varieties, each combining only virgin shea butter and pure essential oils. Let’s take ginger-orange, for example. These essential oils synergistically generate an unusually energizing, mood boosting combination with a unique character. The sweet fragrance of orange is anti-depressant and cheering, while the spicy scent of ginger is warm, comforting, and at the same time invigorating.

Ginger is germicidal and speeds recovery for minor injuries, while serving to reduce discomfort. Orange is antiseptic, purifying and refreshing. The blend makes an exceptionally appealing bouquet of health and aesthetics, so make sure you don’t get addicted!

One other thing: If you want a great buying experience, purchase this straight from If you’re a Prime Member, as I am, you can have it in exactly 2 days with absolutely no shipping cost. If you don’t have Prime, purchase 2 containers and you’ll get shipping free.

Simply click below and follow the path straight to Amazon to ply your skin and your senses with Ginger-Orange Shea Butter, or another delicious scent selection.

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Unrefined Shea Butter . . . Or, How A Family Solved Its Tenacious Skin Problems With One Natural Product

Diana and Geoff Edwards are both park rangers in Yellowstone National Park, where snow can linger into June, where temperatures in the winter can hit minus 35, and where Memorial Day can be mistaken for a white Christmas. At one time it was a job for men only; however, now Diana and Geoff both patrol the park’s borders by snowmobile, go on search and rescue operations, and maintain the park’s water plant.

Imagine looking for babysitters in the winter wilderness when it’s -20 degrees and falling! Well, that’s exactly what Diana and Geoff were obliged to do for their 18 month old son, Nick.

The family wouldn’t give up their way of life for anything, but they do have a few difficulties. Skin issues top the list. In the extreme winters, both Diana and Geoff are bothered by red, raw faces, lips and hands. And, their son’s skin is so dry that he nearly scratches it right off his young body.

One December evening, Diana was telling her sister, Adrian, about the family’s skin travails. Earnestly, Adrian told Diana to get some grade A, unrefined shea nut butter. “You will never put anything else on your skin again!”

Naturally, getting shea butter in the middle of winter in Yellowstone was not exactly a piece of cake, so when 2 containers of it showed up in the mail, thanks to Adrian, Diana was delighted. A splendid photograph decorated both containers of Shea ScentSations shea butter. One label said “Relaxing Lavender Shea Butter,” and the other “Rejuvenating Ginger-Orange Shea Butter.” Both selections consisted of just raw, top quality shea butter and 100% pure essential oils.

Before using the ivory colored shea butter, Diana inhaled the bouquets from both containers and enjoyed the enticing, natural essences. The lavender was insanely delicious, and the ginger-orange was thoroughly satisfying . Both scents were sumptuous, not simply hints of the essential oil. Diana was delighted with the opportunity to treat her skin while also getting aromatherapy.

She knew as soon as she had massaged the buttery substance over her entire body that this was the solution to her family’s skin issues. Her skin drank it up and demanded more.

30 days afterward, cracked, red, chapped faces, hands and feet are things of the past for all the Edwards. Nick’s skin is moisturized all day with an all-over coating of natural shea nut butter. Geoff loves the ginger-orange version, and wants to try various other varieties. Diana adores the lavender shea butter, and is determined to try all the fragrance selections.

Unexpectedly, since starting to apply shea butter, Diana has found her stretch marks fading. Furthermore, she mailed a container of frankincense shea butter to her mom, who later said it was more thoroughly hydrating than any other product she had ever before applied to her skin, and asserted that her wrinkles were slowly decreasing.

Adrian was right: Diana and her family will never let themselves run out of unrefined shea butter, nor will they ever order shea butter without the luscious essential oils.

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