How I Felt Being Fat


I saw a woman at the airport being told she had to buy two seats and I understood how she felt.   At some points in my life I was not dealing with weight issues.   During my younger years, I considered myself to be at a healthy weight for my age and height.  Through the years, my body changed and the fatter I got, the more people would look at me in odd ways when I would eat out.  I was ashamed when I would sit down to eat in front of others.  Other people did not have to tell me what was healthy or not.  People looking at me made me change the way I would eat when I went out.


There is also the time when I was taking public transportation.  As my trip continued, the number of open seats disappeared.  Eventually a mother and a small child came by me and the mother told her child to sit next to me.  The little girl let everyone know that there was not enough room for the both of us.  I truly have never felt more embarrassed in my life.


All of these situations brought attention to what I already knew about myself.  I was fat.  Self pity was not going to solve the problem that I had created.  The only person who caused me to have a weight problem was staring me in the mirror.  The only person who was going to solve it was myself and I could not do it by placing the blame on people that did not deserve it. Yes my feelings have been hurt on many occasions by people calling me names and giving me looks, but those uncomfortable situations never pushed me enough to set me in motion to do something about I, but I had to get my confidence up to where I could believe in myself and also exercise some type of self-discipline to know that I had to find some way to learn lose weight fast , and there was no time like the present..


It was easy to find information about the negative effects of obesity on the body.  Being concerned about your appearance is something that everybody concerns themselves with to some extent.  People look over their shoulders and listening to what is being said behind their back.  Over time wear and tear happens to all things being used and abused on a daily basis.  The key is to take what people are saying and use it for good.  Make it the reason that you decide to do something and although that does not necessarily mean by following a regimen that will show you how to lose weight fast, it does mean changing your lifestyle enough to start to chip away at the excess weight that you are carrying and get yourself to a healthier weight.


It might not happen for me overnight.  Somehow, I have been able to dedicate myself to a fitness regimen.  I grew tired of being embarrassed about the way that I looked.  I committed myself to the lifestyle changes that would help me lose weight and keep it off.  I am also doing it by not worrying anymore about what people say about me.  Strangers are not the most important person to consider, I am the only person that matters.  It is up to me to get healthier than I have been.  In the end, nothing beats that.This is how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet pills

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