I Could Not Do Anything To Lose The Weight


I struggled with my weight my whole life.  I did not spend a lot of time playing outdoors with my friends.  My favorite place in the house was in front of the television with a bowl of ice cream.  It was not hard to figure out why I had a weight problem.  I ate the wrong foods and never moved around much.


Each passing birthday made my weight issues even worse.  My weight issues were becoming even more obvious.  I found that at work I had to have a special chair for me to sit in.  I saw the fear in people’s eyes when I went to an all you can eat buffet.  Although there were things I could do that were healthier for me, I did not want to do them.


Eventually I realized that my life as I was living it had to change.  My weight was interfering with too much of my life.  I had no social life, but most importantly my weight kept me from finding someone special to share my life with so I decided to do something about it and to do it in a hurry, so I ordered one of those programs that promised to show me how to lose weight fast and vowed that doing this simple step would cure all that was ailing me in a hurry.


I knew that I was not going to find a way to get rid of the fat while I slept.  The diet plan did not work and I not only wasted time but ended up in worse shape from trying it.  I was also very discouraged, but I knew I had to try something to find out lose weight fast or at least something that would get me headed in the right direction if I was ever going to find happiness in my life and if I was going to keep myself from dying at too young of an age.


There were plenty of ways for me too find a healthy diet that would help me lose weight.  There was plenty of information available to let me know what was healthy and what was not.  I was able to develop a healthy diet rather quickly.  I paid attention to my total caloric intake.  Getting the nutritional information was a simple process.  Somewhere through the process, I discovered what it was going to take to drop the pounds off my body.  I had to find a way to use up more energy than was in the food that I was eating.  To expend calories you have to exercise.  The issue was whether I could actually do any exercise with the way my body was.


I knew that because of the shape that I was in that I would be limited in how I could work out.  It would be tough to follow a fitness plan at all because of the shape that I was in.  Without exercise, I could not accomplish my goals.  There was something I could do if I looked hard enough.  I was able to finally do something.


I began with a stroll around the neighborhood in the morning.  Something this simple was still a struggle.  After a while my short walks grew into longer walks.  I started carrying hand weights during my walks.  I could see some results on the scale.  The amount of exercises I did every day was able to grow as the weight went down.  And the results were reflected on the scale.  I was doing good.


Two weeks ago I ran my first half marathon.  I was able to cross the finish line although I was not first.  As I finished, I looked back on the start of my weight loss journey.  No matter what other people believed, I was able to start exercising.This is how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet pills

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