Making Home Skin Care By Yourself

Home skin care is very essential especially when you have a minor injury in your home. As a good home remedies, it can completely cure your injury so that you may not need to go to hospital, but it does need treatment. Of course, when we have sicness or other ailments, defense against the sickness will be our first step. It means that we really should include the treating of our skin as one of our priorities. There are many home made skin care solutions from botanical as the home skin care remedies. By the home made skin care, there are some medical solutions that are included in standard first aid treatments. You can make it a choice for your home skin care.

There are a lot of good benefits of the home skin care you can take. Most of the common injuries that may happen in the home include cuts and scrapes, minor burns, and bruises. The home skin care remedies are easy to be found while healing each of the injuries needs only a little bit of time.

Tips to Heal Your Cuts or Scrapes

Cuts and Scrapes are very common injuries happened in the home. Using antiseptic and antibiotic will be plain solutions of this medical treatments. It may help in discouraging inflammation and infection. You can try to utilize fresh yarrow leaves, mixture of lavender and tea tree oil and fresh-pounded garlic as the home skin care remedies. The yarrow leaves can be crushed or bruised in the hand and then applied or pressed on the scrape or minor wound for a few minutes.

Use the blend of lavender and tea tree oil to wash a wound. Just make a dough of half a cup of water mixed with five drops of tea tree oil and five drops of lavender. This home skin care solution can be utilized to swab the wound or scrape to get rid of bacteria and other harmful impurities. Yet this home skin care solution can be deep puncture wounds, even though it is honorable for minor wounds. A doctor’s attention may be something you may really want. To disinfect a slight hurt, you can use garlic. You just crush one or two granule of garlic and then apply to scrape or wound as a home skin care solution.

Treatment for Your Minor Burns

Do you know already that Aloe Vera, bananas, honey and an ice pack are also usually applied as home skin care for minor burns ? Well, you need to break off a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and then applying it exactly on the minor burn. It’s perfectly helpful as your home skin care treatment for burns. While to ease the sting and the pain or until skin appearance improves, you can mash ripe bananas and then utilize them on the mirror burn. As a home skin care remedy, honey is supposed to spread a thin layer on the top of the burn and cover with a light bandage. Just like using a dry facial skin care, you need to repeat this process several times until the skin looks better. The ice pack home skin care solution is a no brainer, although it is only for burns that have not gone through the first layer of skin.

Curing Your Bruises

One more thing as a good explanation for curing your bruises is by using Arnica. The arnica is a good home skin care remedy for healing bruises. This botanical is a homeopathic that can be applied on the bruise at least three to four times a day. And you will see the bruise disappear quickly. Besides, the pain will also be subsided pretty soon as well when you use this Arnica as your home skin care.

If you want your skin to stay healthy and youthful looking for as long as possible, then it is important that you take the issue of skincare into serious consideration and care for your skin. To begin with, you may want to know about face mask skin care. addition, it also helps benefit your skin and leave it looking fresh and rejuvenated.

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