Manicure Procedure

People have been getting manicures for many hundreds of years. The expression hails from the Latin word for hand and the Latin word for care, which fundamentally suggests that a manicure is treating ones hands. That sounds simple enough right?

Back in the early days of manicures only the very wealthy and pampered celebrities bothered acquiring a manicure. The process was high priced and protracted. And it was essentially a waste of time for the everyday laborer. Why bother to get your hands manicured it you were planning on going to be picking cotton the next day?

Well today things are very different. A great deal of people get manicures. Men and women included. If they don’t get regular manicures, that they certainly get them for special occasions like weddings, prom, special dates, etc.

There are, in addition many different types of manicures. There is the spa manicure in which your hands are dipped in hot wax and the wax is allowed to harden. There is an elementary manicure, a French manicure, and an at home manicure. Not only do the manicures on their own have various types, but the places that perform manicures may differ greatly as well.

Some fancy salons may charge as much as forty dollars for a fundamental manicure. Cruise ships and resorts are notorious for have exorbitant rates for manicures. Then on the other end of the spectrum, the’re inexpensive nail salons that can cost as little as eight or ten dollars. This is surprising to me since the manicure procedure is fundamentally an identical at almost every place that I have ever had a manicure (trust me it’s a large number of different places).

Essentially, the operation is this. I come into the salon, often times I’m offered a glass of wine, (this usually doesn’t happen at the ten dollar place) then I soak my hands in a few type of concoction. I am told that it is a nail cleanser, but for all I know possibly dish washing liquid. Then after my fingers have pruned, they start poking and prodding my cuticles. This is my least favorite part of a manicure. Can’t they just put the polish on already? Anyway, next they cut my nails evenly and shape them. Lastly the polish is applied. Then I am ushered to another table. Occasionally, they will put me in a spot that has a drier for me to put my hands under. Other times I am left alone to let me nails dry naturally.

Essentially it’s the same thing regardless if I am paying thirty dollars or eight dollars. I do have to say nevertheless, that a spa manicure is worth the splurge every once in some time. The wax really is refreshing and it rejuvenates my rough and tired hands. The spa manicure procedure really does leave my hands feeling smooth for a few days after I get one. But then in 7 days, my hands are rough and cracked again. Possibly that is their way of telling me it’s time for another manicure.

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