Mud Bath, Pine. Moor Extract, a Natural Therapeutic Mud. (500 ml)

Who can resist an one-of-a-kind natural product that is simple to make use of, highly efficient and fairly priced? The natural perks of mud baths are well established for restorative and natural skin care values, but mud baths are messy and difficult to discover. Now, there is an easy method to relieve your pain, lower your anxiety and revitalize your body with a bottle of Golden Moor draw out, Pine Mud bath.

The mud contains high levels of humic acid and originates from a moor, located near Ottawa, Ontario that has actually not been contaminated by modern pollution and is protected by Canadian law.

Our special mud bath is a really efficient pain relief against swelling triggered by injury or conditions like arthritis, rheumatism and muscle cramps. It likewise assists lower stress levels, while regenerating your body and skin.

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