Natural Rose Shea Butter Will Enrich Your Skin and Fill Your Senses

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather feed your skin natural ingredients than artificial ones.

Apparently, over 50% of refined skin creams incorporate toxic compounds that absorb rapidly through the skin and that can do us loads of harm. Yuck!

After trying the arsenal of anti-aging skin elixirs on the market and never observing much rejuvenation of my skin, I discovered unrefined shea butter. It contains nothing other than, well, shea butter. In short, it’s completely natural. It’s culled right from the African shea kernel.

You’ll discover how effective this stuff is when you use it for the first time. It is marvelously moisturizing — dry skin will be gone forever. So will irritated, red, chapped skin. And skin afflicted with dermatitis, rashes, or stretch marks should be vastly improved. Rub it in everywhere — it’s impossible to overdose.

Okay, here’s the next thing: Raw shea nut butter, the only kind you should use, doesn’t exactly smell great. However, have you experienced essential oils? I found them just recently — I didn’t know what I didn’t have until trying these purely natural, healing oils! Who would wear synthetic scents when they can wear essential oils? They are so delicious, I’d sometimes prefer to inhale pure lavender, orange or rose than have a gourmet meal.

So contemplate the serendipity of raw shea butter and essential oils combined. Delightful! The product linked below has eleven scent varieties, and each combines only virgin shea butter and pure essential oils. Let’s take Rose as an example. Needless to say, rose oil is highly treasured in perfumery. The unadulterated absolute is very costly, so is infrequently used in appreciable concentrations. (“Absolutes” contrast with steam distilled essential oils mostly in the extraction procedure.) It takes thirty roses to generate one drop of rose oil!

The aroma of rose is believed to provide spiritual and emotional strength, and inspire calm and stability. While it has other therapeutic benefits, its scent is its most highly treasured asset.

Another thing: If you want a dependable purchasing experience, purchase this straight from If you’re a Prime Member, as I am, you can have it in precisely two days with absolutely no shipping expense. If you don’t have Prime, purchase two containers and you’ll get shipping free.

Simply click below and follow the path directly to Amazon to feed your skin and your senses with Rose Shea Butter, or another luscious variety.

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Raw Shea Butter . . . Or, How A Family Solved All Its Onerous Skin Problems With One Natural Substance

Both Sara and Alan Rhodes are rangers in Yellowstone National Park, where snow can grace the mountains into June, where temperatures in winter can reach minus 35 degrees, and where Memorial Day can look like a white Christmas. At one time it was a job held only by men; however, now Sara and Alan both patrol the park’s borders by snowmobile, go on search and rescue operations, and monitor the park’s water processing system.

Imagine searching for childcare in the winter wilderness in -35 degree weather! Well, that’s exactly what Sara and Alan had to do for their 2 year old son, Kevin.

The Rhodes wouldn’t give up their way of life for anything, but they do have a few difficulties. Skin issues top the list. In the severe winters, both Sara and Alan are burdened with red, raw faces, lips and hands. And, Kevin’s skin is so irritated that he practically scratches it right off his body.

One Saturday in December Sara was on the phone, describing the family’s skin issues to her sister, Lisa. Lisa jumped in and told Sara to buy some raw, unrefined shea butter. “You’ll never put another product on your skin again!”

Of course, finding shea butter in the middle of December in Yellowstone wasn’t exactly a breeze, so when two containers of it appeared in the mail, thanks to Lisa, Sara was delighted. A lovely picture adorned both containers of Shea ScentSations shea butter. One was called “Romantic Rose Shea Butter,” and the other “Elating Eucalyptus Shea Butter.” Both versions consisted of just unrefined, top quality shea butter and pure essential oils.

Before she applied the ivory colored shea butter, Sara inhaled the aromas from both containers and basked in the alluring, natural essences. Both had ambrosial, full aromas, not simply hints of the essential oil. Sara was delighted with the chance to treat her skin while also getting an aromatherapy session.

She knew from the minute she rubbed the buttery salve all over her body that shea butter was the solution to her husband’s, her son’s and her own skin issues. Her skin soaked it up and demanded more.

30 days afterwards, red, chapped, irritated elbows, lips and hands are things of the past for all the Rhodes. Kevin’s skin is protected all day with an all-over coating of pure shea butter. Alan loves the Eucalyptus, and wants to sample other scents. Sara loves the Rose Shea Butter, and wants to experience all the scent selections.

To her delight, after starting to apply shea butter, Sara has found her stretch marks fading. Additionally, she mailed a container of Lavender Shea Butter to her mom, who reported back that it was more thoroughly moisturizing than any other substance she had ever before applied to her face, and said her wrinkles were slowly lifting.

Lisa had it right: Sara and her family will never be without raw shea butter again, and, they will never purchase shea butter without the heavenly essential oils.

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