One Minute Manicure

Is it really potential to get a one minute manicure? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. I too was a skeptic until I tried a a couple of the products out there that promise a one minute manicure. These items are aimed at the target market of busy women. Well, these days, what woman isn’t busy? The suppliers of beauty formulations know that the busy woman is a huge target audience. What with careers, family, and fitness, who has time to keep those hands looking gorgeous?

Well, thanks to these new at home products on the marketplace, we all have time to pamper our digits. The’re many products ranging in price from a few dollars to in excess of thirty dollars. They vary in scents, as well. You can find anything from salt from the sea to cucumber and melon. You can purchase these items just about anywhere. You are able to checkout department stores, drug stores, and lastly don’t forget about the internet. You can buy that one minute manicure product without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. There are even huge retail chains devoted to helping us to keep our hands and bodies looking their best. Most of these stores offer their own individual variation on the one minute manicure.

But do you really get a manicure in one minute? Well, not really. Minus the polish and the salon, the upshot are much in-line with a professional manicure. I have tried Sally Hansen one minute manicure and pedicure products. They’re available at a broad variety of stores from pharmacies, to discount stores, and even the local grocery stores. Essentially, you just rub this product, which is an exfoliating scrub, onto your hands. The tube says that you are able to either start with dry or wet hands. I have learned that if you begin the process without water, the treatment will extend to a deeper exfoliation. For the few dollars that I spent on the items, I would say that the results were satisfactory. I wouldn’t compare this to a genuine salon manicure, but, if you are looking for a fast fix, it works nicely.

Another product that I have tried is by Beauty Control. Now, I don’t know too much about Beauty Control, I consider that you need to buy the products through a representative, close to Avon. I must let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with the items. The “manicure” consisted of two steps. The first step was close to the Sally Hansen product, in that it was an exfoliator; still, it is additionally had some essential oils in it. The oils left my hands feeling smooth, but not greasy. The next step in the one minute manicure is to put on a lotion. I was flabbergasted. In only a couple of minutes, my hands felt like I had just had a salon manicure. My hands continued to feel great for the remainder of the day. Even after washing my hands several times, they still felt great. Regrettably for me, yet, they don’t offer a one minute polish.

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