Pipeless Pedicure Spas – Very Best Difference

I would really like to discuss the difference between a conventional jet pedicure spa along with a pipeless ped spa. First of all the traditional jet system continues to be timeless. Through the European touch Omni Pedicure spa towards the New Solace Altera have been a workhorses. But the problem lies in the manicurist cleaning in the spa properly. To wash a traditional aircraft pedicure spa properly you have to run cascade crystal from the machine, then bleach through the machine then the blank/straight water through it to obtain the other cleaning agents out of the machine. That does not mention the fact that you need to not use any product that has any amount of oil on the back of the actual label. Put simply a water soluble glucose scrub. Also that you need to remove the jets and keep them clean as well. Throughout time that oil from the pedicure product as well as oil from the body build up on the medial side the pipes that circulate that water. The Sani Jet Pipeless pedicure spa also offers limitations. The manicurist also has to remove the leading cover off of the jet then you have to clean the propellers on the jet itself. Although this is much cleaner than a traditional Pedicure spa it still simply leaves room from dust or foot fungus for that manicurist and the client. Additionally if one the sanijets goes out they are of all ped spas very hard to change out as many of them will require the entire pedicure spa to become lifted up off of the floor to be worked on. I believe that the Western Touch Pipless Pedicure spa is the easiest method to go. Additionally it is a pipeless pedicure day spa, however it is done along with one motor that is located under the feet. This provides the person a sensation which is located underneath from the foot not hitting someone within the ankles like the actual sani jet and the traditional jet programs do. It really is easier to keep clean that this sani jet because all that you do is remove the new center console and you have full entry to the impeller. Both sanijet and the European Touch ped Spa are easy to clean the bowl having a hospital grade solution. Take a look at the spas chicago http: //www. salonstore. com

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