Selecting a Professional Body Waxing Salon

When performed properly, waxing can be one of the quickest and longest-lasting hair removal methods available. However, done improperly it can be painful and dangerous, risking infection, deep tissue bruising, and torn muscle tissue, and worse. This is why finding a skilled, safe, and clean professional waxing salon is an important part of this hair removal method. First, you’ll want to scout out the prospective salons. Ask your friends, look online, look in the yellow pages. Remember , a good salon will have good things said about them. Once you have several places in mind, time to get out the phone and make some calls. Talk to the aestheticians. Some questions you may want to ask, are… How long has she been waxing, and where did she train? What type of wax do they use? Is it hard wax, soft wax, or do they actually use sugaring? What does their procedure and consist of? Do they use any powder or lotion? What does their sanitation consist of? Also pay attention to her mannerisms.

A good waxer should be friendly and make you feel comfortable. If she is cold or seems reluctant to talk about her methods this not a good sign. Also you’ll want to discuss cost and the area you want to be waxed. Now, once you have a feel for your prospects, pay them a visit and check out their facilities. Talk to the employees, they should be friendly and personable. Get a feel for the place. Everything should be clean and neat, akin to a doctor’s office. Ask if you can view the area where the waxing is performed. It should likewise be clean and tidy. So far so good. Time to schedule a visit. Remember, during the waxing procedure if anything makes you uncomfortable or concerned, you can tell them to stop right there. After all, this is your money and you deserve acceptable, professional treatment for it. Prices can range from $30 to $100, depending on the area to be waxed and quality of the salon.

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