Shea Butter With Frankincense Essential Oil Will Nourish Your Skin and Excite Your Senses

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather feed your skin natural ingredients than chemicals.

Factually, over 50% of processed personal care products contain hazardous chemicals that absorb through the skin and which can do us a lot of damage. Yuck!

After trying every expensive anti-aging skin elixir available and never seeing much difference in my skin, I came across unrefined shea butter. It consists of nothing but, well, shea butter. In other words, it’s entirely natural. It’s extracted right from the African shea kernel.

You’ll notice how amazing this substance is when you use it for the first time. It is miraculously moisturizing — dehydrated skin will be rapidly relieved. So will irritated, red, chapped skin. And skin burdened with eczema, rashes, or stretch marks probably will be markedly improved. Rub it in all over — there’s no way to overdose.

Now for the next thing: Raw shea butter, the only kind you want, doesn’t smell so great. But you know about essential oils, right? I tried them just recently — I didn’t know what I was missing until trying these 100% natural, therapeutic oils! Who would wear synthetic scents when they can use the real thing? They are so heavenly, I’d often prefer to inhale pure lemongrass, patchouli or frankincense oil than have a good meal.

Consider the serendipity of raw shea butter and essential oils combined. Yum! The item linked below has twelve scent selections, each blending unrefined shea butter and pure essential oils. Let’s take frankincense as an example. The evocative fragrance of frankincense, which in the past symbolized divinity, is profoundly reflective. Use of the essential oil goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, and frankincense is mentioned in twenty two places in the Bible. The alluring scent of frankincense essential oil is used to elicit emotional composure and intuition. Its mixture with shea butter generates an especially mellow aroma. Be careful — it can be addictive!

One other point: If you want a stressless purchasing experience, buy this straight from If you have a Prime membership, as I do, you can have it in exactly two days with zero shipping expense. If you don’t have Prime, purchase two jars and your shipping is free.

Just click below and follow the path directly to Amazon to nourish your skin and your senses with Frankincense Shea Butter, or another luscious variety.

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Raw Shea Butter . . . Or, How A Family Solved Its Tenacious Skin Problems With One Natural Product

Carmen and Jim Alexander are both park rangers in Yellowstone National Park, where snow can linger into June, where winter temperatures can reach minus 35 degrees, and where Memorial Day can be mistaken for a white Christmas. Until recently it was a job held only by men; however, now Carmen and Jim both patrol the park’s boundaries by snowmobile, do search and rescue operations, and monitor the park’s water system.

Just consider searching for daycare in the winter wilderness when it’s -20 degrees and falling! Well, that’s what Carmen and Jim had to do for their two year old son, Andy.

These three would not give up their lifestyle for anything, but they do have several difficulties. Skin issues top the list. In the harsh winter season, both Carmen and Jim are troubled by red, blistered hands, faces and lips. And, their toddler’s skin is so dry that he nearly scratches it off his young body.

One Saturday in December, Carmen was on the phone, telling her sister, Jenny, about the family’s skin issues. With apparent fervor, Jenny suggested that Carmen buy some raw, virgin shea nut butter. “You’ll never use anything else on your skin again!”

Obviously, getting shea butter in mid December in Yellowstone was not exactly a piece of cake, so when two jars of it showed up in the mail, courtesy of Jenny, Carmen was more than pleased. A beautiful photograph decorated both jars of Shea ScentSations shea butter. One label said “Freeing Frankincense Shea Butter,” and the other “Uplifting Lemongrass Tree Shea Butter.” Both selections consisted only of unrefined, grade A shea butter and 100% pure essential oils.

Before applying the ivory colored shea butter, Carmen breathed in the bouquets from both jars and enjoyed the luscious, natural essences. The frankincense was ambrosial, and the lemongrass was deeply satisfying . Both aromas were intense, not just hints of the essential oil. Carmen was delighted with the opportunity to treat her skin while also getting a nice dose of aromatherapy.

She knew from the moment she rubbed the creamy compound thoroughly on her face, neck, hands and feet that this product was the solution to her family’s skin issues. Her skin drank it up and demanded more.

Four weeks later, irritated, dry, rough elbows, lips and hands are no longer problems for any of the Alexanders. Andy’s skin is protected for the entire day with a thick coating of pure shea nut butter. Jim loves the lemongrass version, and is eager to sample some of the other scents. Carmen loves the frankincense shea butter, and is ready to try all the scent choices.

To her surprise, since starting to apply shea butter, Carmen has found her stretch marks diminishing. Furthermore, she mailed a container of Pink Grapefruit Shea Butter to her mom, who reported back that it was more deeply moisturizing than any other substance she had ever before applied to her face, and asserted that her wrinkles and fine lines were slowly diminishing.

Jenny had it right: Carmen, Jim and Andy will never let themselves run out of raw shea butter, and they will never buy shea butter without the luscious essential oils.

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