Skin Care Tips at Home

A lot of people use a variety of skin care products to ensure they maintain healthy, younger looking skin. However, there are certain things that can also be done at home during daily activities to take care of your skin. Most people associate skin care with products and regimes to take care of the facial skin. Consequently, there are some major areas of skin that are overlooked when buying, making or using skin care products.

The part of your body most affected by poor skin care habits is the hand. The skin on your hands may become rough and hard and can also show wrinkles and age. There are several reasons for this occurrence.

Washing dishes with bare hands can adversely affect your skin, increasing the signs of aging or wear. The liquid used for washing dishes usually contains alkaline which affects the acidity of your skin. The ph value of skin makes your skin acidic and while washing dishes with alkaline, your skin loses the acid covering that is meant to protect it. Try to use a soap that has a low level of ph or does not contain alkaline. Of course, the simplest way to take care of your skin while washing dishes is to wear gloves.

You should also brush your skin daily which helps in stimulation of your blood flow through the body. Exfoliation of your skin takes place and provides encouragement for new skin cells to start growing. You can use a brush that is made up of natural bristles or an exfoliating cream or soap. It’s advisable to start brushing your skin from your feet and move upward, directing blood flow toward the heart. Be careful not to brush or scrub your skin too vigorously or you may do more harm than good. It is also helpful to rinse your body with cold water to stimulate or maintain good blood flow.  

Cellulite refers to fats that push through the cell walls and become visible through the skin. When brushing or washing your skin, try to focus on the areas with more cellulite as the friction will help break down the fat cells. Maintain a diet that contains plenty of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits and avoid junk food whenever possible. Many of the natural ingredients in fruits and vegetables are excellent for any kind of skin care.

You should also be careful to use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher any time you are outside. Caring for your skin should be a daily routine that does not require much extra effort. Keeping these few points in mind, home skin care can undoubtedly prove to be highly beneficial and quite simple really.

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