Skin Care Tips For Baby Soft Skin….Forever

What is the best face pack for oily skin? 
What works best for a combination skin type?
Is there any home remedy to repair the damage caused by sunburn?
How do I remove the dark circles below the eyes?
Why does my skin sag when I am just thirty five?

 …..these are some of the common skin care questions that bother twenty first century women who never find enough time to go through an elaborate skin care regimen. Our skin care tips are designed to help you find quick but effective solution to the common skin related problems.

Block the sun
The ultra violet rays are mainly to blame for robbing your skin off healthy glow and untimely aging of the skin.
Therefore any skin care routine should start with the plan how you can best protect your poor skin from the rage of sun rays.
No matter, the sun is shining brightly or not, never dare to step out of your home without applying a good quality sun block cream. Make sure your sun screen lotion comes with an SPF of at least 15.

A daily skin care ritual must include cleansing, toning and moisturizing
You just can’t afford to miss any of these three steps if you want a flawless skin. Well, it doesn’t take as long as you think; cleanse your skin with face wash (use a product specific to your skin type) at least thrice daily; apply toner after every wash, followed by a brief massage with moisturizer.
The last cleansing before bed time should be followed by massaging of moisturizing night cream or anti wrinkle moisturizer.

Rejuvenate your skin
You need to exfoliate your skin to replace the dead cells of the skin with fresh cells. For this you need to use exfoliating scrub of reputed companies at least twice a month.
There are other exfoliating options too; you can go for chemical exfoliates containing retinol, or alpha or beta hydroxyl acids. They come in forms of gel or ointment and need to be prescribed by a dermatologist or professional aesthetician.

Trust on the brand names when it comes to your skin
The advantage of branded skin care products is: they come with the guarantee of quality ingredients. By spending an extra bit on quality products, you will be able to reap long term benefits.

Drink plenty of water
It sounds cliché, but water is the ultimate magic bullet to retain the youthful glow of your skin for long. Eight to ten glasses of water is a minimum requirement and if you can extend it to twelve glasses a day, it is even better. The water you send inside your body, keeps your body hydrated from within. The more you drink water, the more toxins are flushed out through urine. And these reflect on your skin to make it appear healthier.

Check out for proper diet
Crash dieting can be the final nail in the coffin to make your skin lackluster. Gorge on fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, consume protein and vitamin rich foods preferably in steamed form, cut back on the oily food consumption, alcohol intake and quit smoking; you will soon find a different face in the mirror—younger and brighter.

Exercise is a must
Take up adequate physical activities to ensure proper blood circulation and overall well being. Physical activities are good stress buster too and a relaxed mind helps you get a better skin.

To be the proud owner of a youthful, glowing, baby soft skin, make the above mentioned measures the part of your daily routine. Why make delay? Adopt them today.

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