Spa Sanctuary Creation

These days it makes sense to create a little sanctuary in your own home because of the stresses of a modern world there is so little time to relax and pamper yourself. To take refuge from these daily stresses the bathroom is the ideal place to make your little haven. Whether it is just for a long soak in the bath, making up your own facial or a complete pampering session all you are required to do is create a spa like ambience with lots of suitable accessories.

Sometimes the bathroom is overdue for a revamp in any case so creating your spa sanctuary may be kick started by giving your bathroom a painting makeover. Your home spa may look cool and clinical with white paint but it can also give it that sense of purity. You could therefore go for a calming pale pastel or neutral colour like cream or a soft yellow. Using an aquatic colour can give an invigorating feel. One thing to remember is to use a waterproof type paint which can withstand condensation and prevents mould developing.

On the floor avoid carpet which can soak up lots of moisture and rot, instead decorative tiles or lino will add a better visual appeal. Tiles on the wall also add an extra dimension to your home spa.

Of course if your bathroom suit is shabby and in need of replacement then you can purchase a new one. The major DIY centres all stock very good ranges of bathroom ranges which are designer inspired but there are many excellent stores which you can check out online that sells bathroom suites of quality at affordable prices. Of course if you really have a desire to create a home spa and money is no option there are plenty of higher end products on the market, or you may even want to splash out on your very own hot tub.

If you are replacing your suit visualise what your ideal home spa will look like and what style you are aiming at. There are many options and if you go for a modern look which is slick and streamlined, go for simple and luxurious lines with smooth glossy finishes and some chrome that gleams. The detailing must be decorative if you decide on a more vintage look but must also fit your requirements. To avoid your new suit overcrowding the bathroom, measuring up before hand is essential. Include a towel rail and laundry basket and also have enough space for disrobing and redressing. Of course if there is plenty of room in your bathroom then you should also add a chair for relaxing into after your bath for doing things like panting your nails, its ideal for chilling out.

Smart new panel boarding will add a little touch of luxury and new taps is also a great enhancment. Another thing quite a few people do is to upgrade there bath to a new free standing type. You can get very modern versions or you could go for the classic look with a roll top and clawed feet. Go online to fine many options for all types of home spa baths. There is also another option whereby you can do away with the bath altogether and go for a wet room but this needs expert planning which requires special plumbing and membranes.

Neat storage or shelving is also a must and you need to be clever here as the only things that should be on display are your pack of soft fluffy towels and your display of pampering accessories. Your home spa will feel better if you put away all your half used products and cleaning items. For a nice touch have some jars filled with shells and starfish and also nice pebbles and to the ambience.

For creating the illusion of space mirrors are essential and look fabulous, they also make use of any natural light. Of course mirrors are also vital as you need to see how good you look after your pampering session.

Top tips for home spas

  • Invest in a new set of luxurious towels that compliment your bathrooms colour scheme.
  • Make sure you have plenty of beauty products on display and the shelving to show them off.
  • Your home spa can be enhanced with the addition with a display of cut flowers.
  • Home spas are also enhanced with a comfortable chair if there is room to spare.
  • Before stepping into the bath light some scented candles to add to the occasion.
  • Add relaxing and soothing bath salts to your bath water for your pampering session.
  • Turn on some relaxing music before entering your tub.
  • Use aromatic bath oils to relax you and give your skin a glow.
  • Remove dead skin cells by exfoliating.

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