Stone Massage And Pedicure

Stone massage is a very nice way to relax your body. You might think only people with lots of money can get stone massages, but that’s not true at all. Only a few hundred dollars will give you a life time experience that you don’t want to miss at all. These massages are almost done in every country, but if it’s not, then I’m sure people are planning on it. There are lots of therapists and professional massagers just waiting to get people massaged.

Getting a good stone massage isn’t just about wasting some extra cash burning in your pockets. A massage will aid your busy working body mentally and physically. There are professional massager and therapists who does this job as their profession. You might be interested to know what they use during the massages. First of all, don’t think the specialists just take some rock off the ground and rub it on your back. These are actually very special basalt stones which are only used for massages. So taking a rock off your yard won’t do you any good. Those exceptional stones also have to be boiled at a particular temperature, that differs with what form of therapeutic massage you need. Then the stones must also be dried and cleaned for proper hygiene. No one would like bacteria or fungus on the stones which will be used on their bodies. After the stone is prepared, the therapist also prepares special oil for the massage. When the client is ready for the massage then the therapist begins. The therapist uses a towel or a sheet to put on the clients back. Next, the specialist puts those hot stones on the clients back. While the stones are put there, the therapist uses small oiled stones and gently massages other parts of the client’s body like the hands, legs, torso etc.

Now are you interested to get your massage? These stones not only give massages, but pedicure and manicure as well. Nature has provided us with these gifts which heal our body’s muscles and tissues. Many of the stones used are Mexican Beach Pebbles. Workers sort out the smooth and perfect shaped stones from the basalt, quartzite, feldspar and dacite stones. After the stones are picked, they are washed, oiled, and even polished for using it during the massages. When those processes are completed, it’s paired and bagged into sets for hot stone pedicures, full body hot stone massage, manicures, hot stone reflexology, hot stone facials and hot stone meridian. In some cases, the customers also orders stones which are packed according to their needs. Marble stones are also available on request in some websites like

After all these processes are finished, then the stones are finally sent to shops for sale. You can be one of those people who are going to buy those stones. I personally think you should check out how it feels to get an energizing and relaxing hot stone massage.


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