Dazzler Beauty Holiday Series: Winter Climate Remedies

Your face changes with the weather in between seasons, and the cold weather is here! Cold elements often makes your face much more delicate and drier. This year, take care of your face and follow these recommendations for ideal skin. They are simple enough and easy to integrate into your day-to-day routine. Remember to continually have SPF in the products you use– just because it is winter does not imply the sun does not shine!

When you are experiencing redness and irritated skin it might be caused by the fact that you are actually exposing your face to the harsh winter and then a quick shift to a warm building. Chamazulene, an anti-inflammatory with skin soothing properties, can help counteract the redness and can be found in some skin care products. Check your products at home to see it if they include chamazulene. If they don't, you don't have to go out and buy a complete new skin care line. Just one product which contains it, like your moisturizer, can help your skin be less inflamed.

Dryness can likewise be effectively taken care of with a new, heavier cream. Pay attention to what exactly your face is telling you. If your face is normally oily, do not assume it will stay like that in the winter. Try using a serum if your face still has dehydrated spots after switching your moisturizer since serums are usually thicker and more concentrated.

Make sure to exfoliate your face, and lips, at least once a week. Use a tooth brush to rub all the dead skin cells off your lips and reveal a smooth layer underneath. Keep them smooth by applying lip balm whenever you can and before you apply any sort of lip color.

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