Body Scrub & Polish – Rosemary & Eucalyptus Organic

Rosemary and Sage is an excellent mix when you're roasting Turkey or Chicken, but now Rosemary has hooked up with Eucalyptus in a hot new connection that is just great

When you need to exfoliate with a vigorous scrub, I suggest you check out the Golden Moor Products on They have created a mud-based Body Scrub & Polish using Rosemary & Eucalyptus that will leave your skin feeling "happy & healthy" after only one application.

The Eucalyptus tree is primarily used for industrial purposes (i.e. pulpwood), but few people are aware of the antibacterial and hydrating properties found in the tree leaves.

Clearly, Golden Moor realized this when they decided to include Eucalyptus in their Body Scrub & Polish. Rosemary is an additional moisturizing substance and it compliments the fragrance of Eucalyptus. This powerful mix will leave your skin feeling so fresh and alive! If you prefer a floral scent, Golden Moor also makes this product with Lavender. You can find Golden Moor products on under the Apples+Oranges store.

It's such a bonus when you find a product that smells so good and is so effective in keeping your skin … "Happy & Healthy!


The Golden Moor Bog is located in Casselman, Ontario, Canada, a small town located 50 kilometers from the Ottawa valley. The quality of the moor in this area is of higher quality than any other moor used elsewhere on the planet.

The Golden Moor source is distinct and the most rare in the whole world since it has not been tampered by man or infected by modern day pollution. In addition, it's protected by Canadian laws. The Golden Moor mud is extracted during the winter season at a depth of 5 to 15 meters under the frozen surface area where the thermal currents always circulates.

The most crucial characteristics of the moor is that it is hydrosoluble, liposoluble, holds a high level of humic acid, salicylates, phytohormones, and a 5.5 pH balance.

After extraction the moor is analyzed in an outside laboratory to make sure quality and equilibrium in its therapeutic values. Back at our center, we use specialized equipment for filtering, homogenization and pasteurization of the Golden Moor products.

We are positive you will not find a more pure and therapeutic item in the marketplace. We encourage you to check out our item catalog and examine our online studies.

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