Hydra Body Moor Cream, Dry Skin

Anybody who lives in a cold environment can tell you exactly how the winter season can damage your skin. You must protect your skin against mean old Mr Frost!

Frostbite can be avoided by dressing in many layers to protect your body, but warm clothes can't do anything to keep your skin hydrated. Even when not exposed, your skin is still influenced by cold dry air, so it is necessary to hydrate daily, using natural products like Golden Moor's Hydra Body cream to prevent dry, scaly skin.

If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, there is no worry about the cold dry air, but too much sunshine and beach sand will dry out your skin just the same. Golden Moor products are great for any climate!


The Golden Moor Bog is located in Casselman, Ontario, Canada, a little village situated 50 kilometers from Ottawa in a valley. The quality of the moor in this area is of higher quality than any moor used elsewhere in the world.

The Golden Moor source is among the rarest of the world that has actually not been tampered by man or contaminated by modern day pollution. Furthermore it is preserved by Canadian government laws. The Golden Moor mud is extracted during the winter season months at a depth of 5 to 15 meters under the frozen surface area where the thermal current circulates continuously. The most crucial features of the moor is that it is hydrosoluble, liposoluble, holds a high level of humic acid, salicylates, phytohormones, and a 5.5 pH balance.

After extraction the moor is verified and assessed in an outside laboratory to guarantee quality and stability in its therapeutic values. Once at our center, we utilize specific equipment that ensures filtering, homogenization and pasteurization of the Golden Moor products.

We are confident you will not find a more pure and therapeutic product in the marketplace. We encourage you to browse our product catalog and review our online studies.

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