How Long And How Many Treatments To Achieve Laser Hair Removal Success

Hair removal treatments such as those done at laser skin care centers have become very popular in the past 2 or 3 years. One reason this is happening is because the cost is dropping and making it more affordable and price competitive with shaving and waxing several times a year.

Another reason more people are interested in laser hair treatments is thanks to home laser devices which claim to produce similar results for less money.

These at home laser devices and hair removal items try to achieve the same results as you’d get at a professional laser skin care clinic, but of course for less money. The results you tend to get from these at home products usually are not as good as a professional machine, however none the less they have boosted the interest in laser hair removal as a whole.

What should you know before you head off to have laser hair removal done?

It Isn’t Immediate Results

To achieve optimal results from laser hair removal takes time. Unfortunately due to the way laser hair removal works you cannot go in and in one day come out hair free for good. For some men and women it can take four to eight sessions which must be separated by three to six weeks to achieve the best results, but the wait is worth it.

Why so many and so long?

The hair on your body is not all growing at the same speed or even growing all at the same time for that matter. During a laser session the only hair removed and treated is from those follicles which are actively growing hair at the time of that treatment. The areas where hair is not actively growing will not be treated during that session.

Returning in 3-6 weeks will give other follicles time to enter the growth stage and then the next treatment can destroy those and so on and so on for several more treatments.

The number of treatments each person requires varies on the darkness of their skin and hair as well as the thickness of their hair and the particular area they want to have treated.

What are the potential side effects?

Laser hair removal has been evaluated in the US and Canada by their respective health agencies and it has been cleared as safe. So there are no long-term health risk associated with it. There are however some shorter term side effects that most men and women will experience including slight rashes, redness and slight burning in the area where treated.

There are newer lasers being developed all the time which minimize the pain and after effects of having treatments and likely in the near future side effects will be close to none. The after effects of a session can be treated with cool aloe vera creams and gels however be advised to avoid any product that contains alcohol as that will drastically irritate the skin rather then relieve the pain.

How to Get Started

It’s important that you speak with a professional prior to starting your own laser hair removal treatments. Most clinics like will provide men and women interested in their services with a free consult. Clinics use this as a way of educating prospective clients on how treatments are done, what they can expect, how many treatments they might need and also answer any questions you might have.