Swiss Botany Launches Vitamin C Serum 20% In Airless Container On

The anti-aging product, fully used for the treatment of wounds, burns and the inflammation and irritation of the skin is a micro-encapsulated serum that stabilizes free radicals and regenerates vitamin E. Offered in an airless container to assure that oxygen won’t break down the product and make it ineffective Swiss Botany has gone to great lengths to assure the product’s potency. As Vitamin C in this formulation can downgrade rapidly in the presence of oxygen and free radical oxidation the cosmeceutical company assures consumers there is no risk with their product due to the well-designed airless container. They are so confident of their highly effective formulation and packaging that they have given customers a 100% guarantee.

Tom Flora, Owner of Swiss Botany said of the super anti-aging product, “We’re so happy that we’ve succeeded in creating the market’s most effective Topical Vitamin C 20% Serum. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable and at 20% it’s virtually impossible to formulate but, we’ve managed to harness all its inherent potential and turn it into a topical serum. No other L-Ascorbic Acid product, whether from Murad or Obagi, is this stable.” Retailing on for just under $45 the Vitamin C Serum 20% neutralizes free radicals, reduces wrinkles naturally, diminishes acne and provides the best organic skin care Swiss Botany has to offer.

Micro-encapsulated Vitamin C 20% antioxidant wrinkle eraser effects as singlet oxygen quenchers, and it is effective of rejuvenating vitamin E.

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Have You Heard About These Vitamin C Skin Care Benefits?

Chances are good that you already recognize the health benefits associated with getting plenty of ascorbic acid in your diet plan. But did you also know that there are a lot of vitamin C skin care advantages too? It's true – ascorbic acid is good when taken internally and used as a topical treatment on the skin. This is an instance of a situation where both ways gives even better benefits than one method of supplementing.

The video recording below is brief and to the point about why you should consider using vitamin C for skin care advantages. I will give you a clue – it has a great deal to do with collagen formation. If you're concerned with aging skin, you'll definitely want to look at it. It's likely the most beneficial minute or two you will spend all day!