The Best Way To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Eyes

Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary method of boosting the beauty of your eyes without looking artificial. Imagine waking up in the morning and smiling at your loved one with no concern that ugly ‘raccoon’ eyes are spoiling your look. Flutter impressive lashes without that tell-tale base marring the picture. Think of the time you will conserve by not having to go with that unpleasant process of applying untrue lashes. Eyelash extensions might be your dream come.

How do these contemporary marvels work? Individual strands of delicate silk are adhered to your lashes adding both length and volume. The adhesive is semi-permanent, suggesting eyelash extensions won’t detach on their own, but might be taken off if wanted or needed. The life of an individual human lash is from two to 6 months, with the average being about 3 months. As human lashes shed, new lashes have to be improved with eyelash extensions to maintain the general look. Periodic refills will be called for to replace lost lashes and ensure that existing eyelash extensions continue to be in place.

You might be wondering about the process, exactly how long it takes and whether it is painful. There is nothing to stress over! You will lie back in a comfortable position for about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. A licensed lash stylist will very carefully cover your lower lashes and brows with a soft shield to guard them and keep them out-of-the-way. The stylist will delicately comb the lashes to take out any that are shedding. After very carefully spreading out a single lash away from its neighbors, the stylist will coat the enhancement with a special bonding agent and lay it along the length of the natural lash, eliminating any type of excess. This action will be duplicated from 60 to 120 times for each eye. Perseverance and care will ensure that your eyelash extensions will look beautiful and natural.

After care for your eyelash extensions is truly extremely straightforward. You ought to stay clear of water for about 24 hours. After that, swimming and showering are fine. Be gentle with them when removing eye makeup. Avoid heavy oils and creams as they will create degeneration of the adhesive. Do not make use of waterproofed mascara. Avoid excess heat such as a heated eyelash curler or vapor from a residence facial sauna.

Just as your hair color and manicure have to be sustained to extend their beauty, eyelash extensions have to be repaired regularly. Set up a follow up schedule to be sure your eyelash extensions are always as incredible as they are when you first have them done.

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