Waxing Therapies, A Directory For After Care

Hair removal by waxing requires special after care:

Wear loose clothing after treatment, this prevents your skin layer from becoming irritated after waxing. It also ensures clothing does no rub on the skin follicles which have been emptied because of the waxing process. The hairs have a blood supply for the base and as such removing them compromises the protective barrier offered by your skin only a few hours. Care needs to be taken to protect your skin at the present from irritation and infection.

Avoid sun damage, deodorant, hot showers/baths, chlorinated pools, massage Chicago, sun tanning, vigorous exercise, spas and saunas every day and night. This all prevents skin from heating up and prolonging any irritation from the hair removal process.

Avoid makeup after facial waxing for 24-48 hours. Do not apply fake tan for 24 hours. Keep their skin sterile and as sweat free as you can. Make an effort to avoid touching the skin after waxing as everybody’s hands have the potential to move around with bacteria. This reduces the possibility of bacteria entering skin which might lead to infection, usually observed as spots a few days after waxing treatments.

After 2 days make use of a scrub on your skin to eliminate dead skin cells and debris; this would minimise ingrown hairs. Continue this process twice weekly. Use moisturizer daily. This keeps skin soft which helps to the hairs to grow in the hair follicle instead of becoming ingrown. Hairs are frequently finer after waxing and could use to pass in the follicle if they regrow therefore clean moisturised skin will let prevent ingrowing hairs. Apply antiseptic lotion in any ingrown hairs which could appear. (e.g. Tea Tree)

Waxing could bring about redness which normally subsides after 24 hours. If the reaction persist please speak to your pharmacist as persistent redness is usually a sign associated with allergic response. Speak to your therapists regarding this prior to next see them simply because they can patch test other wax products on your own skin to discover if one suits you.

Waxing treatments never damage skin in the manner shaving or chemical hair removal can. If after care advise is followed then any redness after waxing will quickly subside leaving smooth soft hair free skin for weeks.

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