What A Video Game Did For Me

Things were going like I figured they would.  The accomplishments that I had hoped for were happening as I reached middle age.  I had a family.  We had a good place to live.  My work was fulfilling.  But like many of my peers I seemed to have developed a definite pattern to my life.  There was not much variation in the way that we did things.


I did not do much more than wake up, go to my job, and come home for dinner.  There was only a little deviation from this schedule.  It was difficult to do anything else and when I could I would be suddenly pulled to help out my kids.  My schedule would not let me do anything for myself.


My life and the way that I was living change shortly after the recent xbox 360 kinectwhen my kids convinced me to spend time in a line waiting to get one of these gaming systems so they can join their friends who all seem to have one and so I could regain my title as world’s greatest dad at least until something new came along that they would have to have.  I soon learned that this was not a decision that I was going to regret.  I would change the way that I was doing things because of this console. The xbox 360 kinect price is 159.99 US Dollars


We took the new

kinect and also bought a few games to go along with it and when we took it home and out of the box, my kids were able to set it up on our big screen television in a very short time and it was not long before everyone in the family was watching and playing the games together.  There were titles to pick from for the young and old alike.  We made sure that everyone in the household had some say in the choices.  This got everyone involved.


For me my game choice was one of the fitness titles that they had available.  Playing on the new platform, my movement would show up on the screen when I played.  There were all sorts of mini games that made it more enjoyable.  The work outs were something that were good for me.  That was something that definitely had been missing in my life.  I would spend many evenings entertained by the small screen in the living room.  The only exercise I got was with the remote control.  Motion gaming made my television experience something completely different.  I actually got in a work out.


Our family started playing the gaming system more and more.  Physically, it was making a difference.  My body was able to do more than I was used to.  There were many perks to being more energized.  I was doing more things with my days than I had been able to do before.  I think this was because I could do more with less rest.  My wife, my kids and my self were soon doing more than just playing video games with our free time.  Bicycling became a family hobby.  We would take everyone for to the playground for a few hours.  The good part was that I was not to tired for these activities and could run around with my children.  You would see smiles on all of our faces when we were out together.


In the end motion gaming brought my family closer together.  I am healthier than I have been in many years.  I am communicating more with my family.  It has given me a feeling of fulfillment that was missing.  Most importantly, I no longer look at life as a routine.

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