Why Kangen’s Alkaline, Anti-oxidant, Micro-Clustered Water Is The First Solution For Over-Acidification In The Body

Summary:  The reader will see the causes and problems of over acidity in the body. Finding out why Kangen water is the first solution to the problem and why it’s alkaline, antioxidant, micro-clustered properties are the supreme catalyst for overcoming over acidification in the body. By the end of this article, the reader will have a better understanding of why Kangen water is not like any other water and why it should be the first step in regaining your health.


So what causes over acidification in the body? For starters, the normal functions of the body have metabolic by products that are acid forming, therefore, without eating or drinking the body builds up acid waste. It is acidic waste that builds up in our interstitial fluids of the cells, our tissues, organs, and muscles that need to be neutralized by alkaline water. Without neutralizing this acidic waste and pushing it out of the body; the body cannot reach optimal health at the cellular level. In order to efficiently neutralize the acid inside the interstitial fluid of the cells, tissues, organs, and muscles with greater efficiency, drinking Kangen water is the best choice.


There are lifestyle habits that create too much acidity in the body as well. These lifestyle habits include eating acidic foods, drinking alcohol, fruit juices, energy drinks, coffee, tea, acidic waters (distilled, reverse osmosis, and bottled waters), ingesting food additives and colorings, eating bad fats, breathing environmental pollutants, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual stress, etc. The body was created to maintain an acid/alkaline balance in the body. Decades ago, we used to handle neutralizing the cellular metabolic waste out of the body through good food and water. In today’s world with the depletion of good water, bad lifestyle habits, stress, and environmental toxicity, we are creating an overhaul of acidification in the body and it’s leading to illness and disease.


What is the solution for over acidification in the body? The first step is drinking Kangen water because it will assist the body in neutralizing the forest fire of acidity in the body with greater efficiency at the cellular level than any other type of water. The saying goes “water is water” but water is not created equal. You may ask, what do you mean water is not created equal? The Kangen device is an electrical water ionizer device that filters your tap water and ionizes the water giving it three properties: alkalinity, antioxidants, and micro-clustered water structure. In the following paragraphs each of the three properties will be discussed in some detail, so that the reader may further understand why Kangen water is the best first step in regaining your health.


The first property of Kangen water is its alkaline content. In order for our cells to function at 100% they need to be slightly alkaline with a pH between 7.33 to 7.44. The more alkaline water we drink, the greater the chances are the interior part of the cell will remain at optimal pH levels. The Kangen water ionizer gets its alkaline minerals directly from your tap water and these positively charged minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium) attach themselves to the negatively charged cathode in the device making alkaline water. The Kangen machine does not add anything to the water that some people are claiming on the internet, it is the minerals in your tap water that makes the water alkaline. There is nothing really special about the alkaline water but it is the next two properties of Kangen water that allow for greater efficiency in neutralizing acidity in the body and cellular function.  


The second property of Kangen water is the high anti-oxidant levels of the water. We hear a lot about the role anti-oxidants play in fighting free radicals in the body that lead to early aging. Kangen water has 3 to 8 times more the anti-oxidants than green tea on any given day. The ORP (oxidation reduction potential) reading of Kangen water ranges between -200 to -800, while green tea has an ORP reading of -80. Oxidation stands for anything that has a positive reading on the ORP meter. You can test all tap, bottled, filtered, reverse osmosis, and distilled waters and they all have a positive ORP reading, therefore, not giving you any anti-oxidants for the body, and will have a pH that is acidic. Tap water will test neutral because of government standards but it is filled with harmful chemicals. You may be asking, why does the anti-oxidant property of Kangen water matter when it comes to neutralizing acid waste in the body?


We must remember that the body needs to have an acid/alkaline balance and have a pH between 7.33 to 7.44 for optimal cellular health and function. It is our poor water, nutrition, and stressful lifestyles that are creating an overly acidic environment in our bodies leading to faster aging, sickness, and disease. It is the high anti-oxidant levels of this water that help to neutralize acid and free radicals in the body that will lead to a reduction of over acidification in the body and slow the aging process.


The third property of Kangen water is its micro-clustering property. What is micro-clustering and how will it help with neutralizing the acid out of my interior cell walls? All other forms of water that we drink have larger water clusters ranging between 15 to 20 molecules that do not allow for easier penetration into the cell walls called pentagonal water (5 sided water structures). Kangen water has a reduced surface tension and only has 5 to 6 molecules for easier penetration into the cell walls called hexagonal water (6 sided structures). To illustrate the difference we can use the images of a golf ball and bee bees. The image of golf balls represents pentagonal water and the bee bees represent Kangen water that is hexagonal in shape. Which image do you think will penetrate the cells easier? The bee bees because they are smaller for easier entry into the cell.   


The micro-clustering of the water with its alkaline and anti-oxidant properties will penetrate the cells pushing the acid waste out and allowing the interior of our cells to reach optimal slightly alkaline levels of 7.3 to 7.44. If our cellular pH stays within this range, disease cannot survive inside the body. In order to reach these optimal pH levels the first priority is Kangen water! 


John Nardozzi, Water Hydration Specialist

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